Dramix® steel fibre concrete reinforcement is an alternative to traditional mesh reinforcement. It is added to fresh concrete before pouring. In composite slab construction, Dramix® steel fibres offer a low-risk and cost-effective way to enhance the design capacity of composite deck floors. Dramix® steel fibres make the composite deck strong, durable and moreover avoid crack formation. It can be used in family houses, apartment blocks, public and utility buildings, shops, warehouses or any lightly loaded floor construction.


  • Time-saving: The mesh placing process can be avoided and construction time shortened. Dramix® steel fibres are very easy to mix and pump.
  • Safety: Replace steel by steel. With 40 years of experience, steel fibre reinforcement is the proven solution for long term reinforcement. Moreover, working with Dramix®, allows the user to keep a real steel reinforcement, working in a safer environment on the job site.
  • Save money: By applying the best in class fibres, Dramix® enables the designer to use lowest steel fibre dosages with CE certification and to design in the most economical way.
  • A green product: Dramix® consists of approximately 20% recycled materials and is recyclable without any chemical side effect or pollution impact. Dramix® offers improved environmental sustainability.


  • Dramix fibres comply fully with BS EN14889:1 system 1 (fibres for structural use).

Standard product features

Supplied in non-soluble paper bags on 1200 kg pallets

NBS Specification

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45-85-70/410 Fibrous reinforcement

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Bekaert Bradford UK Limited


+44 (0) 1274 696700

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[RL 45/50 BN]
[RC 65/60 BN]
[RC 80/50 BN]
[RC 80/60 BN]
[RC 65/35 BN]


[10 kg/m³]
[15 kg/m³]
[20 kg/m³]
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Park House Road,
Low Moor,
West Yorkshire, BD12 0QB
Tel +44 (0) 1274 696700
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