Solar shading consisting of modular components with fixed louvre blades. Due to the patented Duco 'Slide-Click' system, the louvre blades are secured quickly and easily in a fixed angle to the support structure.

The louvre blades combine the benefits of the basic 100C blade with the attractive, elliptical design of the DucoSun Ellips blade. The blades are particularly strong, allowing a greater span and fewer support profiles.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple system with modular components.
  • Louvre blades with attractive elliptical design.
  • Quick assembly due to the patented 'Slide-Click' system.
  • Allows a large span.
  • Large blade spacing.
  • Specific assembly application for any situation.
  • Ten-year warranty.


Solar shading.

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Standard product features


  • Louvre blades and support profiles: Aluminium EN AW – 6063 T66.
  • Louvre holders: Polyamide, PA 6.6, reinforced with glass fibre.
  • Wall plates (horizontal models): Steel, QSTE 380.

Blade width:

150 mm.


Finish/ Colour:

  • Anodized: Qualanod-compliant, coating thickness 15–20 µm, standard natural colour (clear anodizing).
  • Powder coated: Qualicoat-compliant, minimum average coating thickness 60–80 µm, standard RAL colours with 70% gloss..

Maximum span:

Dependent on model, louvre blades and wind load.

NBS Specification

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45-25-50/420 Brise-soleil fixed blade panels

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV


+44 (0) 333 772 7734

Product reference

[DucoSun 150CF Overslung]
Horizontal with blades above the support profiles, louvre spacing: 165 mm, inclination: 45°.
[DucoSun 150CF Underslung]
Horizontal with blades below the support profiles, louvre spacing: 140 mm, inclination: 60°.
[DucoSun 150CF Vertically]
Vertical, louvre spacing: 190 mm, inclination: 45°.

Finish/ Colour

 - Louvre blades and support profiles:
[Powder coated, RAL]
Insert colour requirements.
 - Louvre holders:

Support profiles

 - Type:
[21/50 Multi]
For Vertically only, 21 mm width.
For Vertically only.
[30/50 Type B]
30 mm width.
30 mm width.
For Vertically only, 50 mm width.
For Vertically only, 50 mm width.
 - End treatment:
[Decorative profile - 90 round]
Not available with Vertically, insert finish/ colour requirements.
[Plastic stopper, black]
[Plastic stopper, grey]
[Pull rod]
Not available with Vertically.

Manufacturer details

Handelsstraat 19,
8630 Veurne,
Tel +44 (0) 333 772 7734
Fax +32 58 330044
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