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The Mayor Tempio rainscreen system is designed for use as a decorative and protective façade over external walls of buildings. The system consists of low porosity glazed ceramic plates fixed to vertical aluminium rail supports. Mayor Tempio is available in a range of ten colours.


  • Tempio ceramic plate is an extruded through bodied porcelain, fired at 1200ºC, creating a consistent quality plate of optimum accuracy in thickness, profile and flatness.
  • Plates are glazed, protecting the façade from airborne dirt and chemicals.
  • Junctions between the tiles incorporate aluminium drainage channels to disperse rainwater from the vertical joints.
  • The drainage channels also perform a compressive function, preventing tile creep and rattling under wind loads

Standard product features


Drained and back ventilated.

Framing system:

  • A system of vertical aluminium carrier rails, pre-punched to suit the vertical module of the selected tiles.
  • Tiles are fixed to the aluminium carrier rails with concealed stainless steel clips (fulfilling the AISI 304 Norm).
  • The carrier rails are suitable for use on a variety of sub-structures including blockwork, timber, concrete and steel.
  • Dependent on the individual requirements of the project, insulation can be fitted within the cavity between the substructure and the rear face of the tile. Projection of the support system is dictated by the thickness of the insulation and the requirement for a minimum unimpeded ventilating cavity of 30 mm.
  • The support systems are designed to withstand stresses and loads imposed by wind, structural deflections and seismic movements, and will be tested to meet all criteria and building codes.

Rainscreen panels:

- Thickness:

24 mm.



Tempio Duna decorative profiles, 300 mm high, available in three colours: Cotto/ Negro/ Blanco.

NBS Specification

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25-80-70/120 Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Mayor Tempio Ventilated Façades


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[Tempio Beige]
[Tempio Blanco]
[Tempio Borriol]
[Tempio Cobalto]
[Tempio Cotto]
[Tempio Gris]
[Tempio Marfil]
[Tempio Metal]
[Tempio Negro]
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[Tempio Duna Blanco]
[Tempio Duna Cotto]
[Tempio Duna Negro]

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