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A non-breather underlay consisting of a double layer polyethylene sheet with a 12x12 mm multifilament polypropylene reinforcing grid built in, a combination giving great tensile strength and tear resistance.


All roof underlays should be installed to comply with BS 5250, BS 5534 and BS 8000: Part 6. MonarTile Supa-R is laid horizontally across the rafters, white surface down, starting at the eaves, it should be draped to allow for small temperature movements and to ensure a gap between the tile battens and underlay, for drainage purposes.

Standard product features


Matt Grey surface/ White underside.


0.24 mm.


1 m.

Tensile Strength:

(N per 50 mm): 500(MD), 400(TD).



IcoVent Roof Ventilators – Designed to be inserted in the underlay to ventilate the roof space through to the tile/ slate area. Does not penetrate the tiles/ slates so not visible on the roof surface. Can be used in most areas of the roof, particularly where normal ventilation is interrupted, e.g. at hips, roof windows or fire stop walls.

Thermoplastic rubber vent of 100 mm diameter and 5000 mm² ventilation area.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/325 Plastics sheets

Product specification

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MonarTile Supa-R

Accessories: IcoVent Roof ventilators

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