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10 mm pre-coated decorative chippings provide an economical hard landscaping solution. A clear resin coated aggregate is rolled into black hot rolled asphalt surface to provide a softening of the matt black colour of the asphalt whilst still providing a tough and durable surface. The resin coating on the aggregate allows it to become incorporated into the asphalt whilst the natural colour of the aggregate is still visible as opposed to traditional bitumen coated chippings. Like traditional chippings the aggregate is locked in the surface and the problem of loose chippings is dispensed with. The chippings can be coated in clear or pigmented resin depending on the initial effect required. Bituchem Asphalt produce 10 mm flint gravel resin coated chippings, however their flexible production facility enables them to coat suitable aggregates as specified on a contract by contract basis.

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45-55-06/340 Decorative aggregates for bonded surfacing

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10 mm Pre-coated Decorative Chippings


[10 mm flint gravel]
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BituChem Asphalt Ltd T/A NatraTex,
Laymore Road,
Forest Vale Industrial Estate,
Gloucestershire, GL14 2YH
Tel +44 (0)1594 826768
Fax +44 (0)1594 826948
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