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Bond coating can be used as an adhesive layer between an existing pavement or road surface and the overlay materials including an asphalt course, macadam, thin surfacing and slurry surfacing. In addition when patching, the properties of bond coatings extends past adhesion to priming and waterproofing. Depending on the application, Bituchem produce a range of emulsions suitable for bond coating, each having different properties for different purposes:

Polybond (Polymer Modified Emulsion):

Polybond is a high binder polymer modified emulsion. The Vialit pendulum cohesion results conform to a polymer surface dressing emulsion. Polybond can be supplied with a binder content of 40%, 50% or 65%. Due to the high binder content Polybond 65 (65% binder content) can be used on vertical joints. Polybond is a stronger adhesive bond between bituminous layers than traditional tack coat with the added benefit of ‘pick-up’ prevention at ambient temperatures due to a harder grade of bitumen.

K1-40 (40% Bitumen content):

Ideal for concrete curing, mist spraying, tack coating.

K1-60 (60% Bitumen content):

Ideal for grouting, patching, sealing, formation and sub-base surface dressing.

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45-20-00/405 Bonded grit surfacing

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[Polybond 40]
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