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Modified Bitumen Binders:

Bituchem produce a range of emulsions suitable for a number of applications but work in accordance to the BBA HAPAS Roads and Bridges regulations. Each emulsion is a mixture of polymer bitumen, water and emulsifiers which in turn prepare the surface for the laying of chippings which finalizes the road surface ready for use. Bituchem have two popular surface dressings, Polbit and Fortcoat™.

- Polbit™:

A mid polymer modified cationic emulsion, manufactured with polymer modified bitumen. This material conforms to the Road Note 39 specification for intermediate polymer modified surface dressing binder. In accordance to Road Note 39, Polbit is likely to be used on: 'The majority of roads – where traffic stresses or speeds demand a superior binder'.

- Fortcoat™:

A strong polymer modified surface dressing emulsion, utilizing the technology of strong polymer modified bitumen. This material conforms to the Road Note 39 table NG9/8 specification for premium surface dressing emulsions. In accordance to Road Note 39, Fortcoat™ is likely to be used on: 'The most difficult of sites where traffic stresses and volumes are high’.

Un-modified Bitumen Binders:

In addition to the modified emulsion binders Polbit™ and Fortcoat™, Bituchem produce unmodified emulsion binders which have different bitumen contents and are suitable for a range of uses including surface dressing, concrete curing and tack coating. One of Bituchem’s most popular unmodified emulsion binders is the K1-70 which is a binder with bitumen content of 70%.

NBS Specification

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45-20-00/335 Asphalt concrete (AC) binder course

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