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Although the blocker only requires a relatively shallow foundation to accommodate the 215 mm height of the base frame, the unique folding skirt provides the same degree of protection as a conventional solid skirted blocker requiring foundations of some two and a half times deeper. Thus, in many cases the 10506 avoids the necessity to re-route underground services. Additional protection can be provided using photo beam systems tailored to the particular application. It is recommended that the blocker is installed with vehicle detection loop systems.

Crash Testing:

The CSG model 10506 Shallow Depth Blocker has been tested at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) The test was carried out using an Iveco (Ford) Cargo rigid truck ballasted to a test weight of 7755 kg and impacted the blocker at 80.8 km/h. Under requirements contained within British Standards for vehicle security barriers, PAS 68:2010 the test achieved a classification of Retractable Blocker V/7500 (N2)/80/90:0/25.


  • Manufactured from fully welded heavy duty steel sections.
  • Tread plates are of 10 mm thick (over plain) durbar.
  • Spragged on three faces with 400 mm long heavy duty reaction buttresses (on rear face at 560 mm centres).
  • The Road Blocker has been designed for axle weights of 15 tonnes.
  • Many widths available to suit particular applications.

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Standard product features


  • Rise height (at 30˚): 750 mm.
  • Riser plate (back to front): 1600 mm.
  • Width (nominal): 3000 mm (actual 2970 mm).
  • Outside dimensions of base frame at road: 3180 mm wide (across road) x 1940 mm.
  • Total depth of base frame below road level: 215 mm.
  • Foundation depth from road level: 450 mm.
  • Typical area required for foundation for 3 m wide riser (w x h): 4200 x 3300 mm.
  • Skirt: Fully folding four sections.


Hydraulic power pack, which can be configured to suit particular requirements. In case of power failure, a hand pump is supplied as standard within the power pack to raise the blocker and a manual release to lower.


Multiple systems:

Enclosures, controls and hydraulic power packs can be designed to operate multiple blocker systems.


Controls are Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based and therefore are very flexible and can be configured to suit customer’s requirements.

NBS Specification

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45-20-80/321 Rising kerbs

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CSG 10506 Shallow Pit Depth Road Blocker


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[Human/ Machine Interface (HMI) terminals]
[PLC based]
[Push button station]


Provides fast emergency operation and/ or limited operation during a power failure.
[Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)]


Hydraulic - As standard: Cylinders can be hydraulically locked in the raised (attack) position.


[Not required]
Simplifies the installation: The whole assembly can be lowered into an excavated hole, negating the need for a steel reinforced cast concrete pit.

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