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Door leaves are constructed from 64 mm high performance timber based composite core encapsulated by high quality hardwood stiles and rails faced with MDF, plywood or chipboard which will then be covered with decorative wood veneers, plastic laminates, stains or paint as required. Can be partnered with Fields Wall Panelling for a fully coordinated design.


  • Available fire ratings: FD30 or non-fire rated.
  • Acoustic performance up to 44 dB.
  • Cold smoke protection can be accommodated.
  • Available as fully FSC certified doorset.

Standard product features

Size (maximum):

  • Height: 2500 x 3225 mm.
  • Width: 2500 x 3225 mm.


64 mm.



Fire resistance test to BS 476-22 by Chiltern International Fire Ltd.


Factory glazed using clear laminated fire/ acoustic resisting glass in conjunction with necessary seals. The glass is retained using a purpose made, pinned hardwood splayed and rebated cloak type glazing beads. For fire rated leaves the maximum permitted glazed area per leaf must not exceed 0.36 m² throughout the configuration range. Aperture shape is unrestricted and may be in multiple or single paned form providing glazing is not less than 100 mm from any door edge and not less than 80 mm between apertures.

Frame and architraves:

Supplied with a 640 kg/m³ density or greater hardwood of minimum section 90 x 32 mm after rebating or profiling.

Over panels:

One piece over panels not greater than the width of door leaf/ leaves are permitted in all configurations with a separating transom. A rebated or square interface between door leaf and over panel is also permitted without transom. Maximum allowed heights are:

  • Single leaves: 2000 mm.
  • Double leaves: 1500 mm.


All doors will be supplied with hardwood exposed square lippings to vertical edges.


An extensive range of ironmongery is permitted for use.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/348 Wood doorsets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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C W Fields & Son


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Product reference

[Fields Acoustic Hybrid Doorset FD30]
[Fields Acoustic Hybrid Doorset non-fire rated]


[ ______ ]


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[ ______ ]
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[ ______ ]
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[ ______ ]


[Hygienilac PVC]
Antibacterial facing.
Exposed lippings.
Exposed lippings.
[Wood veneer]
Book, slip or random matched and laid either vertically or horizontally.


[Clear lacquer]
[Factory painted]
[Final finish]
Can be matt or high gloss as required.
[Primed for onsite painting]
[Tinted lacquer]


[ ______ ]

Manufacturer details

Station Road Industrial Estate,
South Yorkshire, DN9 1JZ
Tel +44 (0)1427 872368
Fax +44 (0)1427 873057
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