PALSUN® combines ultra-high impact resistance with clarity, making it the material of choice for demanding applications. Virtually unbreakable, yet it is transparent as glass at less than half its weight. It can be cold bent and easily fabricated and formed, making it ideal for barrel vault roofing, skylights, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear, translucent and opaque sheets are also ideal as machine guards, sound barriers, anti-vandal and safety glazing. PALSUN® Diffuser and LB sheets are extensively used in durable light boxes.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Blocks harmful UV radiation.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Good acoustical insulation.
  • High clarity and light transmission.
  • High impact resistance - virtually unbreakable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Versatile and formable.
  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • Wide service temperature range.


  • Architectural roofing.
  • Covered walkways.
  • Fabricated items.
  • Light boxes and designed signage.
  • Skylights.
  • Transparent acoustic barriers.

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Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Density: 1.2 g/cm³.
  • Heat deflection temperature: 130°C.
  • Impact strength @ 3 mm thickness: 158 J.
  • Elongation (10 mm/min): 6% (at yield), >80% (at break).
  • Fire resistance (to BS EN 13501): B, s1, d0. PALSUN® FR has a higher fire resistance rating of V-0 to UL94.
  • Flexural modulus (1.3 mm/min): 2350 MPa.
  • Flexural strength (1.3 mm/min): 93 MPa.
  • Service temperature: -50 to +100°C.
  • Tensile modulus of elasticity (1 mm/min): 2300 MPa.
  • Tensile strength: 62.5 MPa (at yield), 65 MPa (at break).
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.21 W/mK.


Sheet size:

Other sizes are available to special order, subject to minimum quantity.

Colour/ Finish:

PALSUN® is available in a wide variety of transparent, translucent and opaque colours. Opaque colours do not transmit light, whereas clear or tinted transparent colours transmit light and images. Clear and opaque sheets may have a glossy or embossed surface on one side. Opal or Diffuser sheets have 8–86% light transmission depending on the type of tint and the thickness of the sheet. SolarSmart™ cool-light sheets transmit fixed amounts of light (20, 35 or 50%) while reducing heat build up by filtering near-infrared radiation that generates heat.

- Opaque:

Black, Brown, Cream (RAL 9001), Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey (RAL 7035), Off White, Red Brick.

- Translucent:

Mint Green, Red, Solar Control (SolarSmart™ sheets for use with PALSUN® Solar Control), Solar Ice, Solar Olympic (SolarSmart™ sheets for use with PALSUN® Solar Control), White Diffuser, White Opal, Yellow.

- Transparent:

Blue, Bronze, Clear, Green, Red, Smart Blue (SolarSmart™ ), Smart Green (SolarSmart™ ), Smart Grey (SolarSmart™ ), Solar Grey Bluish Breeze (Solar Smart™).

NBS Specification

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45-65-60/320 Plastics, composite and recycled plastics sheets

Product specification

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Palram Europe Ltd


+44 (0)1302 360161

Product reference

UV protected on one side.
[PALSUN® Breeze]
Part of the SolarSmart™ family. Breeze offers unsurpassed performance providing the highest clarity and near infer-red selectivity.
[PALSUN® Embossed]
Embossed surface (E102, prismatic, hair cell).
[PALSUN® Foam]
Flat foamed polycarbonate sheet, UV protected on one side.
Fire retardant, with higher fire resistant rating.
Diffused sheet for light box applications.
[PALSUN® Matte]
Matte finish on one side.
[PALSUN® Smart]
SolarSmart™ See-through sheet with effective filtration of solar heating energy.
[PALSUN® Solar Control]
SolarSmart™ Efficient heat-blocking sheet with metallic appearance.
UV protection on both sides.

Sheet size

[1220 x 2440]
[1250 x 2440]
[2050 x 3050]
Not available for 1–1.5 mm thickness.



Finish/ Colour

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UV protective layer

[Single side]
[Both sides]
Not available with PALSUN® or PALSUN® Foam.

Manufacturer details

Unit 2,
Doncaster Carr Industrial Estate,
White Rose Way,
South Yorkshire, DN4 5JH
Tel +44 (0)1302 360161
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