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Clear corrugated polycarbonate sheet with anti-condensation properties. By eliminating condensation drip and optimal PAR light transmission it creates optimum nurturing conditions for plants. SUNTUF® Plus's unique condensation control allows up to 30% light transmission increase at peak condensation periods. The sheet also reduces disease resulting from condensation dripping.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Blocks out UV and far IR radiation.
  • Eliminates condensation drip.
  • Transmits PAR light required for healthy plant growth.
  • Flexible and easy to install.
  • Less snow build up than twin-wall.
  • Optional UV protection on both sides.
  • Ten year limited warranty.
  • Up to 90% light transmission.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Various light diffusion options.


  • Agricultural greenhouses.
  • Garden centres.
  • Swimming pools.

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Standard product features


0.8 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Density: 1.2 g/cm³.
  • Heat deflection temperature: 130°C.
  • Elongation (10 mm/min): 6% (at yield), >70% (at break).
  • Fire resistance (to BS EN 13501): B, s1, d0.
  • Flexural modulus (1.3 mm/min): 1890 MPa.
  • Flexural strength (1.3 mm/min): 93 MPa.
  • Service temperature: -50 to +100°C.
  • Tensile modulus of elasticity (10 mm/min): 2300 MPa.
  • Tensile strength: 62 MPa (at yield), 65 MPa (at break).
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.21 W/mK.

NBS Specification

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45-65-60/350 Polycarbonate profiled sheets

Product specification

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Palram Europe Ltd


+44 (0)1302 360161

Product reference

[SUNTUF® Plus]
With integrated UV protective layer on the exterior side and anti-condensation treatment applied to the interior side.
[SUNTUF® Plus Diffused]
Transmits a selected 85% of the light energy while exhibiting 100% diffusion of the light.
[SUNTUF® Plus Embossed]
Exhibits 20% diffusion of the light.
[SUNTUF® Plus UV2]
With integrated UV protective layer on both sides and anti-condensation treatment applied to the interior side.


As drawing


[76/15 (Omega)]
15 mm depth.
[76/18 (Greca/Trapeze)]
16 mm depth.
[76/18 (Iron/Sinus)]
16 mm depth.


Not available with 76/18 (Iron/Sinus).

UV protective layer

[Single side]
[Both sides]

Manufacturer details

Unit 2,
Doncaster Carr Industrial Estate,
White Rose Way,
South Yorkshire, DN4 5JH
Tel +44 (0)1302 360161
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