• NV2 is the Nvelope system for secret fix / structural bonding applications – Vertical cladding applications.
  • Nvelope ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are fixed using Nvelope helping hand support brackets, fixed through a series of fixed and flexible points.
  • Nvelope flexible point brackets absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Nvelope fixed-point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.
  • Nvelope Bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the facade cladding, local wind loads.


NV2 is suitable for secret fix cladding applications – structurally bonding (SikaTack Panel System) elements to fibre cement, high pressure laminate (HPL), aluminium composite material (ACM) or metal rainscreen panels.

Standard product features


Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to BS EN 573–3 (material) and BS EN 755 (production).


A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) isolator can be located between the Nvelope bracket and the face of the substrate being fixed to.


NV brackets (V):

Allows adjustment between back of chosen facade and face of substrate material including Nvelope isolator (5 mm).

NBS Specification

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45-70-05/360 Aluminium carrier rails

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Product specification

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Nvelope Rainscreen Systems Ltd (NVELOPE)


+44 (0)1707 333396

Product reference

Nvelope NV2


 - Type:
[ ______ ]
 - Number and location:
[ ______ ]

NV brackets (V)

 - Type:
 - Size:
[40 mm]
Adjustment 50–70 mm.
[60 mm]
Adjustment 65–105 mm.
[90 mm]
Adjustment 95–135 mm.
[120 mm]
Adjustment 125–165 mm.
[150 mm]
Adjustment 155–195 mm.
[180 mm]
Adjustment 185–225 mm.
[210 mm]
Adjustment 215–255 mm.
[240 mm]
Adjustment 245–285 mm.
[270 mm]
Adjustment 275–315 mm.
[300 mm]
Adjustment 305–345 mm.
 - Fixing:
[6.5 mm holes]
Suitable for steel and/ or timber substrates.
[11 mm holes]
Suitable for block/ concrete substrates.


[L, 60 x 40 mm]
[T, 40 x 100 mm]
[T, 60 x 80 mm]
[T, 60 x 100 mm]
[T, 60 x 120 mm]
[T, 60 x 140 mm]

Manufacturer details

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