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Armourplan detailing membrane (Size (w x l): 1.5 x 15 m, 1.5 mm thick):

  • A homogeneous PVC membrane for use on complex detailing. The membrane is unreinforced and has excellent flexibility allowing the material to be formed easily into intricate details ensuring the roof installation is fully waterproofed.
  • The membrane is adhered to suitable detailing surfaces using Armourplan PVC Contact Adhesive. All overlaps and joints with are heated welded using suitable hot-air welding equipment.
  • Mid-Grey colour to match Armourplan PVC membrane.

Armourplan walkway (Size (w x l): 1.06 x 20 m, 2.4 mm thick):

  • A heavy duty PVC membrane in roll form finished with a slip resisting surface. The membrane is designed to provide a designated walkway to lightly trafficked areas and protects the prime waterproofing function of the underlying Armourplan roofing membrane. Armourplan Walkway is quick and easy to install, by welding to the finished roof surface.
  • Colour: Anthracite.

Spectratex separation layer:

A range of polyester geotextile isolation and protection fleeces. They are used to protect the Spectraplan waterproofing membrane on ballasted roofs and as a separation layer over contaminated or uneven decks.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/363 Polymeric membranes

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[Armourplan Detailing Membrane]
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[Spectratex Separation Layer, 300 g/m²]
Size (w x l): 2 x 50 m.
[Spectratex Separation Layer, 500 g/m²]
Size (w x l): 2 x 25 m.
[Spectratex Separation Layer, 800 g/m²]
Size (w x l): 2 x 25 m.

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