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SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel is a bonded composite material comprising four primary layers which are bonded together to offer a combination of stiffness and damping within a high mass panel, with a nominal thickness of only 31 mm. The layers include high mass cementitious boards either side of a central heavy elastomeric core. A unique bonding technique is used to ensure that the finished composite is heavily damped, resulting in a product with good performance at lower frequencies (stiffness and dampening controlled regions) and no ‘drop-off’ due to coincidence dip. It is a thin multi-layered board offering exceptional sound transmission performance and has been specifically developed to provide a solution where an internal partition abuts a curtain wall or window mullion. The product has been tested to BS EN ISO 140-3 and assessed to BS EN ISO 717-1 and achieved 46 dB Rw performance. It can also be used in many other conditions which demand the combination of a high SRI performance with a minimal thickness. This solution has been used on a number of projects which include hotels, residential, government and commercial buildings in both the UK and overseas.


  • Fully tested acoustic performance.
  • Maintains high ‘room-to-room’ separation.
  • Improved reduction of noise pollution in adjoining areas.
  • Very thin construction maintains ‘clean lines’ and minimizes obscuration of glazed areas.
  • Simple to detail and easy to install.
  • Up to one hour fire stop.

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As standard, the product is supplied unfinished to be separately clad with a thin covering (e.g. decorative laminate or coated metal plate). Normally a decorative covering is applied to both sides.

Alternatively, it can be supplied in a pre-sanded form for direct decoration on site.

Fire performance:

The product comprises boards which are inherently non-combustible and is considered fire safe. It has been tested to the temperature and pressure conditions of BS EN 1363-1 and the test principles of BS EN 1366-4 and achieved a 60/60 rating, (E) integrity was in excess of 80 minutes. Test report BMT/FEI/F15081 refers. From this test data the standard Siderise FIP panel can offer the following fire resistance ratings: 60 minutes (E) integrity and 60 minutes (I) insulation. Higher performance ratings may be possible from formal assessment of specific project details and construction materials.

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45-75-95/445 Panel partition closer pieces

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Siderise FIP High Performance Acoustic Panel


 - Length:
[2400 mm]
[2800 mm]
 - Width:
[ ______ ]
 - Thickness:
[16 mm]
Half thickness section for combination during installation.
[31 mm]
As standard.


As standard.

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