Lightweight floor and roof screed comprised of a cement bound Lytag 4/8 mm aggregate creating a semi dry floor screed.

Available as LytaScreed Base for use with non-sensitive floor coverings and LytaScreed Topped which incorporates a 15 mm sand cement topping to allow sensitive floor coverings to be placed.

Features and benefits:

  • Weight saving – The no fines lightweight screeds is 50 % lighter than normal cement:sand screeds.
  • Strength – LytaScreed topped can withstand high point loadings.
  • Shrinkage – The average drying shrinkage of the no-fines base coat is 0.04%, thus eliminating the need to lay the Lytag base coat in bays. There is no limit to the depth that can be placed in one operation but raking and tamping should be employed at approximately 300 mm layers.
  • Thermal conductivity – The equivalent thermal conductivity of Lytag cement bonded screed is 0.40 W/m K. Cement:sand screed has a 1.40 W/mK rating and therefore the thermal insulation of the screed is significantly improved when compared to a cement: sand screed.
  • Quick drying rate – Lytascreed will dry at roughly 13 mm per day depending on cement type.
  • Sound insulation – 50 mm screed reduces airborne sound typically by -3 dB at low frequency and -6 dB at high frequency.
  • Under floor heating – The aggregate can be used, either loose or bonded, for infill between joists in underfloor heating systems.
  • Low density – The density of Lytag no fines screed is approximately half that of a cement: sand screed, allowing significant dead weight savings to be achieved. When transporting manually, greater volumes can be moved in one operation.
  • Reduced cost and enhanced environmental benefits – A no fines screed uses approximately half the cement of that used in a comparable cement:sand screed. Also offers environmental benefits due being manufactured from waste product.
  • Falls – A no fines base coat is ideal for constructing falls, as there is no restriction on the maximum depth that can be laid.


  • Suitable for bonded, unbonded or floating floors.
  • Bonded thickness as per BS 8204. 40 mm minimum.
  • Unbonded and floating thickness as BS 8204. 65 mm domestic and 75 mm commercial.

Thicknesses include allowance for 15 mm topping.

DOP certificate (CE mark) available on request.

ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certificates, BES 6001 certificate (excellent rating).

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Grade: 4/8 mm.
  • Loose bulk density: 760 kg/m³ (oven dry).
  • Crushing resistance aggregate: 9.7 N/mm².
  • Crushing resistance LytaScreed Base: 13 N/mm².
  • Crushing resistance LytaScreed Topped: 25 N/mm².

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
20-55-15/190 Unbonded cementitious levelling screed system
20-55-15/110 Bonded or partially bonded cementitious levelling screed system
20-55-15/130 Floating cementitious levelling screed system

Product specification

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