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A BBA approved RubberBond FleeceBacked EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer) waterproof membrane, a non-reinforced EPDM joined with a patented hot melt adhesive technologyto a thick polyester fleece. Designed for fully adhered installations on warm or cold roof constructions. The system is available with a range of accessories, including Semi Cured Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Uncured Pressure Sensitive tapes, pipe seals, roof drains, moulded walkway pads and a range of roof edge products. Installation is carried out by trained independent Approved Local Contractors. The membrane is available in a slate grey finish.

Standard product features

Roll size:

  • 1.5 x 12.2 m with Factory Applied Tape (FAT)
  • 3.05 x 15.25 m.

3.05 m x 15.25 m with Factory Applied Tape (FAT)

Tensile strength:

  • Control: 11.3 MPa.
  • Heat aged: 11.6 MPa.

Elongation (BS 903-A2):

  • Control: 450%.
  • Heat aged: 280%.

Water vapour permeability (BS 3177):

0.3 g/m²/day.


Optional Factory Applied Tape (FAT) for faster seaming of membrane on site.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-65-50/363 Polymeric membranes

Product specification

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+44 (0)1494 448792

Product reference

FleeceBack EPDM


Black/ Grey


2.54 mm


[75mm Pressure sensitive secure tape]
For overlap seaming of sheets, alternatively use membrane with FAT
[150mm Pressure Sensitive Cover Strip]
Semi cured for butt joints of membrane and seaming to edge trims & adjoining materials.
[225mm Pressure Sensitive Uncured tape]
For all detailing work
[Pressure Sensitive Pipe seal]
To fit pipes 13–75 mm.
[Pressure Sensitive Pipe seal]
To fit pipes 25–150 mm.
[Pressure Sensitive Walkway pad]
Walkway Pad is designed to protect the membrane and give a non slip walkway in those areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic.
[HP-250 Primer]
To be used in conjunction with all Pressure Sensitive goods
[Decking Adhesive]
Water Based Acrylic Adhesive (WBA) or Polyurethane Adhesive PU
[Bonding Adhesive]
For adhering membrane at angle changes and upstands
[Water Cut Off Mastic]
Used as a sealing agent between various membranes and applicable when membrane is being terminated using a compression type seal.
[Termination bars]
For mechanical termination to perimeter and upstands, used with Water Cut Off Mastic
[HP Fasteners]
For mechanicle fixing of insulation board, to be used with insulation plates 55mm - 175mm
[Insulation Plates]
For fastening of insulation to be used with HP fasteners 75mm x 75mm
[Angle roof drain]
Outlet opening 90 mm x 90 mm.
[Anti Back Up Drain]
[Top Drain]
110mm outlet
[Drip trim]
Refer to manufacturer for range of depths.
[Edge trim 75/ 150]
Refer to manufacturer for full colour range.
[Wall trim]
25 x 100 x 3000 mm.
[RB Fasteners]
Available in 35 mm & 45mm for perimetere edge trim fastening
[Paving Support discs]
used for patio roofs to support paving slabs & decking above the membrane surface.

Manufacturer details

Sandswood House,
Hillbottom Road,
Sands Industrial Estate,
High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire, HP12 4HJ
Tel +44 (0)1494 448792
Fax +44 (0)1494 858433
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