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G-Rail 6300 series is a low voltage (24V) electrically operated curtain track systems suitable for light/ medium weight curtains. It is easy to install, requires no pre-wiring and is enhanced with integrated G-Rail ‘CAN-BUS’ intelligence. The rail is suitable for use in hotels, education and leisure industries and by persons with limited mobility. Material is aluminium 606035-T6-F22. Shape and size tolerance are in accordance with DIN 17615.

Assembly is with 10 to 16 gliders per metre, using standard glider (ref 4010) up to a maximum curtain weight of 100 kg. Maximum weight per glider: 1 kg. Upstand headings can be achieved using click glider (ref 6010 – maximum curtain weight 8 kg). Rails can be bent up to minimum radius 200 mm.

The control and motor units are delivered pre-wired with a variable speed motor facility pre-programmed. Standard travel speed is set at 150 mm per second.

For heavier curtains, or where bends are required G-Rail 6302 should be used.

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Standard product features


567 g/m.



A range of colours is available on request; consult Goelst UK Ltd for details.


A range of ceiling or wall mounting fixings and extension brackets is available; consult Goelst UK Ltd for recommendations.

Control option:

  • Ref 1310-C8-RJ45: RJ45 connector.
  • Ref 1310-S3-RJ45-W: Splitter.
  • Ref 1310-D4C2: 4-core Data cable.
  • Ref 1310-D6C2: 6-core Data cable.
  • Ref 1352-62LEX-40: IR receiver with extended eye 400 mm (non standard item).
  • Ref 6030/3000: Infrared transmitter three channels including batteries AAA.
  • Ref 1332-1000-25: Infrared transmitter ten channels including batteries AAA (non-standard item).
  • Ref 1337-6200-IR: IR transmitter/ week timer, wall mounted or table top applications.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1000: Wall switch recessed.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1001: Wall switch surface mounted.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1062: Wall switch surface mounted including 3.0 m 4-core data cable with connector.
  • Ref 1313-RJ4-1000: Data wall socket recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1001: Data wall socket 4-core surface mounted.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-2100: Amplifier bridge recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-2101: Amplifier bridge surface mounted.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1100: Voltage regulator for 230V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1200: Voltage regulator for 12V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1300: Voltage regulator for 24V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1400: Voltage regulator for 110V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1101: Voltage regulator for 230V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1201; Voltage regulator for 12V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1301: Voltage regulator for 24V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1401: Voltage regulator for 100V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1010: Combination wall socket and 230V power supply.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1010: Combination wall switch and 230V power supply.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-35-35/440 Curtain supports

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Goelst UK Ltd


+44 (0)1423 873002

Product reference

[G-Rail 6300 Electric Operated Curtain Rail]
[G-Rail 6302 Electric Operated Curtain Rail]

Finish/ Colour

[White RAL 9010 powder coated]
[Satin silver anodized]

Fixing method

 - Ceiling fixed:
[Ref 6050]
Ceiling fixing clamp.
[Ref 6055-1000]
Ceiling fixing plate.
[Ref 6055-2000-35/45]
Profile insert for recessed fixing.
 - Wall fixed:
[Ref 6051]
Wall support (4 cm projection).
[Ref 6057]
Adaptable wall bracket (7–15 cm projection).

Control option

[ ______ ]


[Ref 2024-55]
Sew-in hook 50 mm.
[Ref 2024-95]
Sew-in hook 95 mm.
[Ref 4010]
Glider (on strip).
[Ref 4030]
Roller glider.
[Ref 6010]
Projection glider.
[Ref 6052]
Internal connecting bridge.
[Ref 6059]
Wall return set (left and right) for wall and ceiling mounting.
[Ref 6274-2000]
Overlap carrier.
[Ref 6275-2000]
Overlap carrier (in combination with 6274-2000).
[Ref 6280-PRS]
Pilot release system.

Manufacturer details

Crimple Court,
Hornbeam Park,
North Yorkshire, HG2 8PB
Tel +44 (0)1423 873002
Fax +44 (0)1423 874006
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