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The Dac-Hydro Alu system is designed to have 400% elasticity, and be vapour permeable. Reflective aluminium flakes in the coating film prevent warming of the roof covering. Dac-Hydro Alu builds an abrasion resistant, rubber-like coat without joints or seams. It keeps its aluminium finish even in strongly varying atmospheric conditions (UV rays, water, temperature fluctuations). Dac-Hydro Alu can be directly applied on metal roofing (except new galvanized steel), most bituminous products (more than 1 year old) and most waterbased products like Dakfill and Noxyde. It is not for use on Fillcoat or Fillcoat Fibres - in this case apply a primer coat of Dakfill. It cannot be applied on flexible PVC, EPDM, tar, polyisobutylene and smooth bitumen-polymers.


Clean substrate with water under high pressure (200 bars), and dry. Fill all joints with Elastofill, bridging active gaps with Dakfill Bridging Fleece or Overbridging Mesh.

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Standard product features

AFNOR Classification:

Group II, class 7b2.



Density (ASTM D1475, 20°C):

1.03–1.06 g/cm³.

Drying time at 20°C:

  • Dust free: 4 hours.
  • Rain resistant: 6–7 hours.
  • Re-coatable: 24 hours.
  • Full cure: 1 week.

Actual drying times are dependent on relative humidity, temperature and composition of the material.

Flashpoint (DIN 53213):


Solids content (ASTM D1644/a):

In volume 47–49%. In weight 50–52%.



Very porous substrates: Primer 44 diluted with 30% Thinner 22.


Dakfill Fleece (polyester fibres woven in hexagonal meshes) embedded in the first coat of Dakfill New is recommended on roofs with pitches between 1° and 5° or where movement of the substrate is to be expected.

Coating - rate of application:

  • Decorative: 0.3–0.5 litres/m².
  • Waterproofing: 1–1.5 litres/m² depending on type of roof.
  • Where standing stagnating water is possible: 2 litres/m² with Dakfill-mesh reinforcement.

NBS Specification

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45-35-50/315 Acrylic based waterproof coatings

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Product specification

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Rust-Oleum UK Ltd


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Product reference

Dac-Hydro Alu


[Not required]
[Primer No 44 diluted with 30% Thinner No 22]

Coating application

Dac-Hydro-Alu, brush or roller applied

Rate of application

[0.3–0.5 litres/m²]
[1–1.5 litres/m²]
[2 litres/m²]


[Not required]

Minimum dry film thickness

480 micrometres

Manufacturer details

PO Box 261,
Chester Le Street, DH3 9EH
Tel +44 (0)24 7671 7329
Fax +44 (0)24 7671 8930
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