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Compact concertina aluminium loft ladder, specially designed for small ceiling openings.

It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, consisting of a space-saving aluminium ladder contained within, and attached to, a laminated wooden hatch box. The insulated trapdoor offers good energy efficiency (0.77 W/m²K) thanks to a highly insulated trapdoor with four-point locking mechanism providing a class 4 certified airtight seal. Both sides of the trapdoor are finished in white for improved aesthetics. It is also fitted with the patented WDL sealing and insulation tap, which provides a perfect seal between the hatch box and building and saves time during installation.

Can be specified with a weather resistant upper hatch for flat roof access (maximum ceiling/ roof structure thickness of 650 mm).

Features and benefits:

  • Compact aluminium retractable ladder for small openings.
  • Light duty load rating (150kg per tread).
  • Easy to operate.
  • Highly insulated trap door / hatch box (U-value: 0.77 W/m²K).
  • Class 4 certified airtight seal.
  • Available made-to-measure to suit specific project requirements.
  • Includes anti-slip treads to provide comfort and safety.
  • Supplied with a two-year full warranty and a ten-year parts warranty.
  • Low maintenance with excellent durability.
  • Supplied ready to install.

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Standard product features

Load bearing capacity (per tread):

150 kg.

Tread width:

330 mm.

Trapdoor U-value:

0.8 W/m²K.


The trapdoor is airtight to class 4 and the hatchbox has a rubber seal all the way around. Mitre cut strips are provided ready to be pinned on the underside of the hatchbox.


Tread width:

  • 280 mm (hatchbox width 550–649 mm).
  • 330 mm (hatchbox width 650–900 mm).

NBS Specification

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45-30-75/400 Aluminium loft ladders

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



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Product reference

Ecco Concertina Loft Ladder


 - Size (l x w):
[1100 x 600 mm]
[1100 x 700 mm]
[1200 x 600 mm]
[1200 x 700 mm]
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 800–1600 x 550–900 mm.
 - Depth:
[240 mm]
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 200–700 mm.

Treads / Floor-to-ceiling height

2000–2250 mm in height, 800 mm minimum opening length.
2251–2500 mm in height, 800mm minimum opening length.
2501–2750 mm in height, 800 mm minimum opening length.
2751–3000 mm in height, 800 mm minimum opening length.
3001–3250 mm in height, 900 mm minimum opening length.

Weatherproof roof hatch

[Not required]
Weatherproof flat roof access hatch suitable for ceiling/roof structures up to 650 mm thick.


[Telescopic handrail (both sides)]
[Telescopic handrail (right-hand side only)]
[Three side upper level guard rail]

Manufacturer details

2 Dawson Drive,
Trimley St Mary,
Suffolk, IP11 0YW
Tel +44 (0)345 9000195
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