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Entrance gates are designed to combine smooth function and sophisticated appearance with security in settings where design is important. Entrance gates are completely silent and provide easy passage and high through-put. Designed to reduce the barrier effect and create a welcome atmosphere, visitors can immediately see how and where they should enter.

A standard GlasStile S consists of a grained or polished stainless steel column with one glass leaf.

A wide selection of glass dimensions and styles is available to create a two-leaf passage or match with the design of the SpeedStile product range.

On receiving a signal from the access control system or push button, the unit will unlock and drive through 90° away from signal direction. Should the glass leaf meet any resistance it will stop and nudge forward. If obstruction continues the unit will alarm and free wheel; an auto reset will re-establish control.

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Standard product features

Glass leaf:

- Widths:

  • For the 950 mm rotor column (standard height) and the 1000 mm rotor column, all widths are available from 500–975 mm.
  • For the 950 mm rotor column (1200 mm high), all widths are available from 400–900 mm excluding the 425 and 475 mm options.
  • For the 950 mm rotor column (1800 mm high), all widths are available from 400–475 mm.
  • Please note, clear opening width = glass leaf width + 50 mm.

- Height:

Options shown are for 950 mm high rotor column only.

Power Supply:

230 Volts AC 50/ 60 Hz.

Power failure:

In the event of an emergency or isolation of power supply, unit will failsafe i.e. rotor would freely turn in both directions.


  • Rotor column: 220 mm diameter 304 grade grained stainless steel (BS EN 10088-2 Grade 1J/2J).
  • Glass leaf: 10 mm thick clear toughened frameless glass panel giving a maximum 1025 mm clear opening.



  • Backup battery: Maintains all 24 V control facilities for 500 operations or four hours.
  • Pedestal c/w provision for card reader or push button/ pad: Where the card reader or push button/ pad for the entrance gate is not incorporated into adjacent entrance control products, then a pedestal needs to be provided. The card reader will generally be part of the access control package. Check with Gunnebo UK Ltd Sales Executives for advice on the size, location and suitability of the reader.
  • Push bar: Affixed to the top of each glass wing to match casework choice.
  • Remote push button console: Double push button with hold open key switch override mounted in a 200 x 120 x 75 mm stainless steel enclosure with timber ends.
  • Remote control unit for multiple lane control: MP Touch is a full colour touch screen control unit consisting of panel switches which can change the operation mode of the entrance control products connected to it. It can control up to a maximum of 30 gates or lanes.
  • Hand held programmer: One required per site to set up the GlasStile S.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-35/349 Stainless steel half height turnstiles

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Gunnebo UK Ltd


+44 (0)1902 455111

Product reference

GlasStile S


[Tandem pair]

Rotor column

 - Cladding and casework:
[Grained stainless steel]
As standard.
[Polished stainless steel]
 - Height:
[950 mm]
[1000 mm]


[Glass leaf]
As standard.
[Stainless Steel ‘P’ leaf open design]
[Stainless Steel ‘P’ leaf with infill bars]

Glass leaf height

[901 mm]
As standard.
[1200 mm]
[1800 mm]

Glass leaf width (see below for guidance)

[400 mm]
[425 mm]
[450 mm]
[475 mm]
[500 mm]
[550 mm]
[600 mm]
[650 mm]
[700 mm]
[750 mm]
[800 mm]
[850 mm]
[900 mm]
[950 mm]
[975 mm]


[Backup battery]
[Pedestal complete with provision for card reader]
[Pedestal complete with push button/ pad]
[Push bar]
[Remote double push button console (normally open contacts)]
[MP Touch]
Remote control unit for multiple lane control.
[Hand held programmer]

Manufacturer details

Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd,
The Gate House,
Ashdown Business Park, Michael Way,
Maresfield, TN22 2DU
Tel +44 (0)1902 455111
Fax +44 (0)1902 351961
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