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GyroSec is a premium security revolving door with an elegant design which offers a choice of security levels, preventing tailgating and piggybacking.

It offers simultaneous authorized entry and exit, and both directions are electronically controllable. On receiving a signal from the access control system or push button, the door wings rotate to allow authorized passages. Should the authorized user not use the first available sector, the product will allow valid entry through the next sector. GyroSec enforces both rejecting and alarming upon potential unauthorized use and avoids entrapment. It also prevents unauthorized passage from the opposite direction whilst a valid passage is being made in the other direction. This is achieved via sensors located in the ceiling which continuously monitor all door sectors.

Safety is guaranteed by adjustable torque sensing and safety edges for the forward and reverse directions. Emergency wing break-out facility is available.

Day-mode functionality available as standard which is selectable in entry, exit or both directions to leave a free passage and turn security to the highest degree when needed. All parameters and functions are programmable via a user-friendly tablet interface. Various accessories and options, including manual or motorized night shutters, and a wide selection of finishes and sizes are also available.

Features and benefits:

  • Premium high security solution.
  • Efficient flow management.
  • Haake safety edge and brush fitted as standard.
  • Floor cable entry with alternate route from the top of the unit.
  • Steel casework.
  • CE marked.


  • Government.
  • Banking.
  • Research and science.
  • Education.
  • Telecommunication and information technology sectors.

Standard product features


- Height:

2300 mm.

- Entry/ exit opening:

  • 1600 mm diameter: 750 mm.
  • 1800 mm diameter, three-wing: 800 mm.
  • 1800 mm diameter, four-wing: 1100 mm.
  • 2000 mm diameter, three-wing: 900 mm.
  • 2000 mm diameter four-wing: 1250 mm.

Consult technical literature for further details.


  • 1600 mm diameter: 850 kg.
  • 1800 mm diameter, three-wing: 1030 kg.
  • 1800 mm diameter, four-wing: 1100 kg.
  • 2000 mm diameter, three-wing: 1270 kg.
  • 2000 mm diameter four-wing: 1350 kg.


Safety torque sensing. Logic voltage 24 VAC.


  • Frame and cornice: Painted steel section powder coated finish, RAL 9006.
  • Frame glazing: 11/ 12 mm laminated safety glass P4A BR1/S (in accordance with EN 356 and EN 1063).
  • Rotor wings: Aluminium frame, finish silver, RAL 7040. 11/ 12 mm laminated safety glass P4A BR1/S (in accordance with EN 356 and EN 1063).
  • Ceiling: Laminated HPL finished pearl grey.

Walkway down lights:

Three recessed low voltage mains LED down lights are positioned within the ceiling over each quadrant. There are four down lights within the four sector units.

Power failure/ fire alarm:

The wings will rotate by the inbuilt battery back-up (BBU) to the safe position in order to allow to escape from each sector, and stop and become inactive. The door will remain in this position until power is restored. A normally closed (NC) signal is required from others to effect this state.

Flow rate (simultaneously in both directions):

  • Proximity reader: 'Hands-free', 48 passages per minute (approximately).
  • Pin pad: 30 passages per minute (simultaneously in both directions (approximately).
  • Proximity reader and pin pad: 20 passages per minute (approximately).

Technical characteristics:

  • Power rating: 230 VAC (50 Hz). 1.4 A or 115 VAC (60 Hz). 2.8 A.
  • Operating temperature: 0–50°C.
  • IP rating: IP33.
  • Mean cycle between failure (MCBF): 1.5 million cycles.
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): <30 minutes.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Gunnebo UK Ltd


+44 (0)1902 455111

Product reference



[1600 mm internal diameter, three-wing]
[1800 mm internal diameter, three-wing]
[1800 mm internal diameter, four-wing]
[2000 mm internal diameter, three-wing]
[2000 mm internal diameter, four-wing]


Manufacturer's standard

Colour/ Finish

Manufacturer's standard


[11 mm three-ply anti-bandit glass]
[Anti-panic push button]
[Anti-piggy back system (APB)]
[Breakout wings]
[Card reader integration]
[External night shutters]
[Floor carpet (grey)]
[Push button control]
[Status light pictograms]

Manufacturer details

Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd,
The Gate House,
Ashdown Business Park, Michael Way,
Maresfield, TN22 2DU
Tel +44 (0)1902 455111
Fax +44 (0)1902 351961
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