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The SuperPhon® range provides an effective means of controlling reverberation and reflected sound in rooms. It provides an ideal solution for environments and workplaces where noise can be an issue. For example, SuperPhon® is used widely in recording studios, sports halls, schools and call centres.

SuperPhon® Baffles are available in standard sizes and thicknesses, and bespoke panels and absorbers of a specific size, thickness, shape or fabric facing can be readily manufactured. As well as the broad offering of standard fabric colours, panels can be colour matched to any chosen fabric.

The SuperPhon® Range includes:

  • SuperPhon® Wall System.
  • SuperPhon® Baffles.
  • SuperPhon® High Impact.
  • SuperPhon® Window Reveal Liners.
  • SuperPhon® Suspended Absorber.


  • Provides up to Class A performance.
  • 88 fabrics available over two ranges.
  • Wipe clean finish available.
  • Bespoke manufacture.
  • Complete range of fixing systems.
  • Full technical and on-site support.



Other sizes available on request. Maximum panel size: 1200 x 3000 mm, subject to fabric limitations.


  • 3.25 kg/m² for 25 mm panel.
  • 5.00 kg/m² for 50 mm panel.

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45-80-40/400 Sound attenuators

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Superphon® Baffles


[300 x 1200 mm]
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[600 x 1200 mm]
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[450 x 1800 mm]
[600 x 1800 mm]


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