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The Egcodorn shear force dowel transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimal component thickness and is mainly used for static loads. The Egcodorn range offers numerous standard types. Also using the modular component system it enables the combination of various components according to specific requirements. The use of high quality materials and the unique corrosion protection system guarantee the highest safety and reliability. Egcodorn combines the excellent mechanical properties of the high-grade, load-bearing dowel core with excellent corrosion protection of the sleeve made of stainless steel grade 1.4571. The surface of the dowel is hardened to minimize friction and ensure smooth movement.

The loop-type design of the anchor body guarantees a homogeneous force transmission. Deflection and rear anchorage of forces ensures optimal load transfer into the concrete whilst having a minimal component thickness. The open design of the anchor body allows for easy integration of the Egcodorn into the existing reinforcement.


  • Transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimum component thickness.
  • Individual combination of dowel and anchor body.
  • Easy installation due to open design.

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Product reference:

  • Egcodorn WN: Solely allows movements longitudinal to the dowel axle. Dowels must be carefully placed in movement direction and must be parallel to each other.
  • Egcodorn WQ: If longitudinal and lateral movement is required, Egcodorn WQ must be used. For angled structural element corners or large joint lengths, the Egcodorn WQ must be used.

NBS Specification

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45-75-42/400 Carbon steel dowel bar

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Product specification

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Product reference

[Egcodorn WN]
Used where movements only in the axial are to be considered.
[Egcodorn WQ]
Used where movements in the direction of the dowel axis and perpendicular to the dowel axis occur.


Dowel diameter: 22 mm.
Dowel diameter: 24 mm.
Dowel diameter: 27 mm.
Dowel diameter: 30 mm.
Dowel diameter: 32 mm.
Dowel diameter: 34 mm.
Dowel diameter: 37 mm.
Dowel diameter: 42 mm.
Dowel diameter: 44 mm.
Dowel diameter: 52 mm.
[10 mm]
[12 mm]
[14 mm]
[16 mm]
[20 mm]
[25 mm]

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Clough Street,
Staffordshire, ST1 4AF
Tel +44 (0)1782 598041
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