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Supplied with a special adhesive coating on one or both surfaces. The coating forms an excellent bond with fresh concrete to reliably seal construction joints. Jointing of successive lengths is easily achieved by simply overlapping the two lengths by 100 mm and pressing together.

A range of purpose made accessories including mounting clips and an expansion joint connector are available for easy and rapid installation. The two-part protective film to the coated surface is removed individually prior to each pour. Fradiflex® coated metal water stop meets NHBC technical requirements.

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- Fradiflex® Premium metal waterstop – with double-sided coating:

Available with a special adhesive coating on both sides, Fradiflex® Premium is supplied in coils or straight lengths. The double-sided coating strengthens the bond with fresh concrete and provides for additional sealing security.

- Fradiflex® Standard metal waterstop – with single-sided coating:

Available with a special adhesive coating on one side, Fradiflex® Standard is supplied in coils or straight lengths, with or without an integrated fixing angle. The coated surface must always face towards the water retaining side.


- Waterstop controlled crack inducer:

The Fradiflex® element for controlled crack joints provides an uninterrupted seal between walls and bases/ slabs. Additionally, elements for controlled crack joints are used in the concreting of large wall sections. Twin-wall construction is an increasingly popular alternative to cast-in-situ construction. Safe and simple sealing systems are also required for these structures. The guideline for watertight structures requires that the vertical joints of element walls must be controlled crack joints.

NBS Specification

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45-75-42/382 Coated metal waterstop

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Product specification

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+44 (0)1782 598041

Product reference

[Fradiflex® Premium]
[Fradiflex® Standard]


[Galvanized steel]
[Stainless steel]
Fradiflex® Premium only; for use in chloride rich environments (e.g. sea water).


[120 mm]
[150 mm]

Fixing angle

[Not required]


[Clamp strap]
[Controlled joint crack inducer]
[Corner component]
[Crack joint/ crack corner flashing]
[Expansion joint connector]
[Fixing loop for crack joint/ crack corner flashing]
[Metal water stop straight, 120 mm width]
[Metal water stop straight, 150 mm width]
[Mounting clip]
[Sealing tape]

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