Permur is a system used for the watertight and flexible installation of service pipes through building walls that need to remain impermeable to water, consisting of fibre-cement tubes or a special mould with Permur seal inserts. The Permur pipe penetration system is supplied with all necessary fixing aids and accessories.

Permur PFR fibre-cement pipes:

Permur PFR fibre-cement pipes are available in a range of diameters and are ideal for any wall penetration. The pipes have the same coefficient of expansion as the concrete and form an ideal bond, so that they do not shrink or form gaps - making the joint watertight.

Permur Monolith special mould:

Permur Monolith moulds are an alternative to Permur PFR fibre-cement pipes for producing durable dimensionally accurate wall penetrations. The moulds are lightweight and easily handled for installation. After concreting they are removed after formwork removal.

Permur seal inserts:

Permur sealing inserts allow for reliable and durable sealing of utilities, sanitation pipes and other services leading through watertight structures. Permur seal inserts are available in various material grades including galvanized steel and stainless steel. The design options for the seal inserts include single and double seals with single and multiple openings.

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90-10-20/428 Precast concrete below ground drainage pipes

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Liner pipe

 - Inside diameter:
[80 mm]
[100 mm]
[125 mm]
[150 mm]
[200 mm]
[250 mm]
[300 mm]
[350 mm]
[400 mm]
[500 mm]
[600 mm]
[700 mm]
[800 mm]
 - Length:
[ ______ ]

Seal insert

 - Type:
[Galvanized steel]
[Stainless steel, closed design]
[Stainless steel, multiple penetration]
 - Width:
[50 mm]
[70 mm]
[80 mm]
[100 mm]
[125 mm]
[150 mm]
[200 mm]
[250 mm]
[300 mm]
[350 mm]
[400 mm]
 - External diameter:
[ ______ ]


[Fibre cement pipe glue]
[Link chain sealing]
[Permur Block, multiple penetration]
[Permur Block, single penetration]

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