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Zemseal combines an adhesive seal and mechanical bond in one product. The grid structure will bond into the cement matrix, while the adhesive will actively prevent any water tracking to occur. Dual-action Zemseal restricts water migration to a confined compartment, even in the event of local injury to the membrane. Zemseal will permanently bond with the wet concrete poured against it, effectively creating a durable continuous protective layer. Since Zemseal is manufactured from high grade polypropylene, it also has excellent resistance to chemical attack and provides for sufficient protection against gas migration. The product is liner free and can be simply rolled out in place. The standard material is equipped with a self-sealing adhesive lap and pre-manufactured splice seals are available. Alternatively, any lap and splice can be heat welded.


  • Waterproof for up to 50 m hydraulic head.
  • Tracking proof (no water migration between membrane and structure).
  • Bridges cracks.
  • Mechanical and integral adhesive bond.
  • Self-sealing adhesive laps.
  • Protection against radon, methane and carbon dioxide gas.
  • Protection against harsh soil conditions.
  • Welding optional.
  • No release liners.
  • No segregation, wash-out, leaching or fatigue.

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