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Excelio® Technology offers a unique solution for a thin floor construction. Specifically manufactured to bridge the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.

Feature and benefits:

  • Up to 70% reduction in screed thickness. Applied 12 mm thick, eliminating the need for multiple coat applications, achieving up to 83 m² to each cubic metre produced.
  • Factory produced no need to manually mix bagged materials.
  • No need for a curing membrane and no reinforcement.
  • SR1 finish (contractor dependent).
  • Very high fluidity.
  • Greatly reduced cracking and no curling.
  • Typically includes 39% recycle content.
  • Maximum bay size: 800 m².
  • Green colouration to ensure correct product selection.


  • > 75% RH: Liquid DPM (PU/ epoxy) with sand scatter or secondary priming.
  • < 75% RH: Two coats acrylic/ PU (to suit substrate).

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Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Mechanical strength (BS EN 13813): C30 F8.
  • Dry density: 2050 kg/m³ (± 200).
  • Design thickness: 12–30 mm (0–4 mm sand).
  • Substrate type: Insitu or precast concrete (with mechanical sanding preparation).
  • Surface finish: Low skin.
  • Surface regularity (BS EN 8204-7): SR1.
  • Flow: 270 mm (± 10 mm).

NBS Specification

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45-55-10/310 Proprietary levelling or wearing screed to BS EN 13813

NBS Specification

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