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High performance thermal insulators, used between horizontal and vertical connections of internal and external elements to prevent thermal or cold bridging. Farrat TBK is constructed from materials which have very high compressive strength characteristics combined with a very low thermal conductivity.

The insulators can be used in a wide variety of applications where there is a structural requirement for thermal insulation, such as steel to steel, steel to concrete/ masonry, steel to timber and concrete to concrete.


  • An effective solution to meeting Building Regulations by reducing heat loss and internal condensation.
  • Not a proprietary mechanical thermal break, so offers flexibility in detailing the connection.
  • Supported by independent material testing to European building insulation standards.
  • Certification and product approvals by recognized organizations (SCI, BRE and NHBC).
  • Manufactured under Farrat's ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems.


  • Very high strength.
  • Very low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Manufactured to suit the connection detail (bespoke).


  • Façade system connections to primary frames.
  • Brise soleil and signage.
  • Roof plant enclosures – columns.
  • Roof parapets.
  • Cladding systems.
  • Connection of external to internal primary building elements.
  • Balconies.
  • Staircases.
  • Isolation of sub-structure and basement elements.
  • Man-safe systems.
  • Connections to existing structures.

Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Compressive strength: Characteristic: 312 MPa; Design: 250 MPa.
  • Elastic modulus: 4100 MPa.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.187 W/m­·K.
  • Density: 1465 kg/m³.
  • Water absorption: 0.14%.
  • Long term creep: 20%.

NBS Specification

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45-75-42/399 Thermal break connection plates

NBS Specification

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Structural Thermal Break Plate - Farrat TBK


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