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High performance thermal insulators, used between horizontal and vertical connections of internal and external elements to prevent thermal or cold bridging. Farrat TBL is constructed from a premium grade material with high compressive strength characteristics, combined with a low thermal conductivity.

They can be used in a wide variety of applications where there is a structural requirement for thermal insulation, such as steel to steel, steel to concrete/ masonry, steel to timber and concrete to concrete.


  • An effective solution to meeting Building Regulations by reducing heat loss and internal condensation.
  • Not a proprietary mechanical thermal break, so offers flexibility in detailing the connection.
  • Supported by independent material testing to European building insulation standards.
  • Certification and product approvals by recognized organizations (SCI, BRE and NHBC).
  • Manufactured under Farrat's ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems.


  • High strength.
  • Low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Manufactured to suit the connection detail (bespoke).


  • Facade system connections to primary frames.
  • Brise soleil and canopies.
  • Roof plant enclosures – columns.
  • Cladding systems.
  • Balustrading.
  • Connection of external to internal primary building elements.
  • Balconies.
  • Staircases.
  • Isolation of sub-structure and basement elements.
  • Man-safe systems.
  • Connections to existing structures.

Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Compressive strength: Characteristic: 89 MPa; Design: 70 MPa.
  • Elastic modulus: 2586 MPa.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.292 W/m·K.
  • Density: 1137 kg/m³.
  • Water absorption: 0.48%.

NBS Specification

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45-75-42/399 Thermal break connection plates

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Structural Thermal Break Plate - Farrat TBL


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