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Dales rectangular aluminium rainwater pipework is available in a single standard size.

Dales standard pipe brackets are designed to fix the pipe very close to the wall and firmly clamp the pipe into position. This makes it difficult for vandals to climb.

Various non-standard components, e.g. offsets, stand off brackets and special hoppers, are available to suit individual requirements.


A wide range of standard components are available, however, as manufacturers, Dales Fabrications Ltd are able to offer purpose made components to suit individual project requirements.


Consult manufacturer for recommendations.

Secret Fix Pipework:

Dales rectangular pipe is available with secret fixing and internal pipe jointing. This pipework offers improved security and very clean lines, Contact the manufacturer for details.

Standard product features


  • Size: 101.6 X 76.2 mm.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.
  • Length: 3 m.


Type: Polyester powder coat.



Texture: Gloss, matt or satin. Cost is dependent upon the colour/ texture combination selected, and the quantity required. Consult manufacturer for details.


Ranges: Around 200 colours are available, taken from the BS 4800 and RAL ranges, a House range and a range of Metallics.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
90-10-20/306 Aluminium external rainwater pipes

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products


+44 (0)115 9301521

Product reference

A5-12-000-X 101.6 mm square rainwater pipe

System finish

 - Type:
[Gloss powder coat]
Available at standard rate for most colours.
[Matt powder coat]
Available at standard rate for many colours. Consult manufacturer for details.
[Satin powder coat]
Non-standard for most colours; a surcharge will usually apply. Consult manufacturer for details.
[As drawing ___]
 - Colour:
[BS 4800 ___]
[House colour ___]
[Metallic ___]
A surcharge will apply. Satin and gloss finishes generally have an additional surcharge. Consult manufacturer for details.
[RAL ___]
[As drawing ___]


 - Elbows:
[Not required]
[A5-14-092-X 92.5° elbow bend]
[A5-14-112-X 112.5° elbow bend]
[A5-14-135-X 135° elbow bend]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Access pipe:
[Not required]
[A5-15-000-X rodding pipe]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Pipe connector:
[Not required]
[A5-16-000-X connector]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Hopper:
[Not required]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Offsets (adjustable):
[Not required]
[A5-26-040-X. Maximum 400 mm offset]
[A5-26-060-X. Maximum 600 mm offset]
[A5-26-080-X. Maximum 800 mm offset]
[A5-26-100-X. Maximum 1000 mm offset]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Adaptors:
[Not required]
[A5-18-000-X square to round adaptor]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]
 - Brackets:
[A5-13-000-S bracket]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]

Manufacturer details

Crompton Road Industrial Estate,
Derbyshire, DE7 4BG
Tel +44 (0)115 9301521
Fax +44(0)115 9307625
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