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Frameless glass top mount system for line loading in accordance with BS 6180:2011 of 1.5 kN.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduced costs due to larger drilling distances.
  • Increased stability.
  • High precision fit due to connecting pins.
  • Suitable for glass thicknesses between 12 and 21.52 mm.
  • Slimline design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Includes drainage holes.
  • OnLevel Flex-Fit glass adjustment tool included.
  • Can be used with top covers – consult manufacturer for information.


Suitable for interior and exterior applications, including:

  • All surface types, including glazed units with laminated safety glass made of 2 x 8 mm tempered glass and/ or laminated safety glass made of 2 x 10 mm tempered glass.
  • Building heights up to 1297 mm.
  • Can be used as a balustrade system, wind shield or room partition.

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Standard product features

Line loading in accordance with BS 6180:2011:

1.5 kN.



Consult manufacturer for appropriate sizes and insert product reference above.

All items are one-piece units.

- End cap, left/ right:

Available in mill finish (10.4010.490.10), plain aluminium (10.4010.490.11) and coloured (10.4010.490.13).

- Glass profile:

  • 145 x 120 mm (h x w).
  • 2500 mm (l): Available in plain aluminium (10.4010.002.11).
  • 5000 mm (l): Available in mill finish (10.4010.005.10), plain aluminium (10.4010.005.11) and coloured (10.4010.005.13).

- Inside/ outside corner, 90°:

  • Side length is 80 mm (inside), and 200 mm (outside). 5000 mm length.
  • Available in mill finish (10.4010.390.10), plain aluminium (10.4010.390.11) and coloured (10.4010.390.13).


  • Balustrade: 1297 mm (maximum height), or up to 1545 mm as fall protection.
  • Wind shield: 2645 mm (maximum height).

- Glass adjustment:

Adjustment of up to 34 mm in relation to the vertical axis. Available in 2500, 5000 or 25 000 mm.

Accessories/ Other requirements:

- Extension pin:

Interior and exterior application: V4A (90.7001.640.31).

- Fischer fixing anchor FIS A M10x150:

  • Interior application: Zinc-plated steel (91.3551.015.81).
  • Exterior application: V4A (91.3551.015.30).

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-25-10/110 Balustrade and guarding system

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS clauses:

Product specification

An important note about specifying



OnLevel Ltd


+44 (0)161 8049500

Product reference

Frameless Glass Top Mount, TL-4010


[End cap, left/ right]
[Glass profile]
[Inside/ outside corner, 90°]


[ ______ ]


[Not required]

Glass adjustment

Flex-Fit 1.0 kN - Insert size requirements.

Accessories/ Other requirements

[Not required]
[Extension pin]
40 x 6 mm (l x diameter).
[Fischer fixing anchor FIS A M10x150]
13 (exterior) and 6 (interior) required per 2500 mm.

Manufacturer details

8 Alexandria Court,
Ashton Commerce Park,
Lancashire, OL7 0QN
Tel +44 (0)161 8049500
Fax +44 (0)161 8049505
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