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Retro fit aluminium anti-slip inserts, filled with epoxy resin and hard-wearing aggregates which sit 0.8 mm proud of decking surface. Can be cut with an angle grinder, using a metal cutting disc or diamond blade.

Features and benefits:

  • Easily installed.
  • Cost-effective and ideal for small decking areas.
  • Slip-resistant solution for existing grooved decking. Aggregate has been tested to BS 7976-2, meaning a 'very low risk of slips', and exceeding slip standards in wet conditions.
  • Can be fitted with nothing more than a line of adhesive.
  • Fits most grooved decking profiles.
  • Five-year anti-slip warranty.

Approved adhesives:

GeoCel The Works Adhesive, or equivalent wet-applied adhesive.

Fixing screws:

Needed only on uneven decking or areas with high footfall. Manufacturer recommends Toughened/ Sharpened Retrogrip® screws.

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Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Size (w x h): 12 x 4.1 mm.
  • Weight: 0.06 kg/m.
  • Aluminium base: Aluminium Alloy extrusion 6063 T6 to BS EN 573 and BS EN 755.
  • Resin: Solvent- and diluent-free epoxy.
  • Anti-slip PTV Score: 35+ (low risk of slip).
  • Slip resistance dry result: 96 (very low risk of slip).
  • Slip resistance wet result: 72 (very low risk of slip).

NBS Specification

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45-20-62/345 Slip-resistant sheet and strips

NBS Specification

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RetroGrip® Anti Slip Inserts


[Dynagrip aggregate]
[RASC Guyanan Bauxite aggregate]


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[Grey powder-coated]

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