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L-shaped, 250 mm-thick, heavy-duty precast concrete retaining wall units.

Features and benefits:

  • Economical, flexible and instant wall retaining system.
  • Can withstand higher loads from factors such as heavy plant and large vehicles up to 4 m in height.
  • Precast concrete walls allow less build and a reduced curing time.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Cast-in option available with reinforcement protruding from toe to tie into in situ concrete slab, providing a level finish base, eliminating the requirement for fixings.
  • Hand trowel finish to vertical face; steel toe finish to toe side.
  • Units can be loaded to one or both faces, with up to 25 kN/m² surcharge, subject to unit height.
  • Weepholes and apertures available.
  • Bespoke modifications are available to suit site-specific projects – consult manufacturer for information.
  • Free detailing service available for specific project requirements – consult manufacturer for information.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 8110-1:1997, BS 8500-1:2006 and BS EN 206-1.


Units can be used for above or below ground applications, or in perimeter or internal division situations such as;

  • Basements.
  • Retention for railway embankments and highways.
  • Push walls to resist machinery loads.
  • Salt barns.

Standard product features


C50 concrete.

Loading capacity:

1800 kg/m³ level fill.



Specials also available from 500 mm and above. Consult manufacturer for information.


Weepholes and apertures can be cast in to suit requirements. Consult manufacturer for information.

NBS Specification

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45-25-66/310 Modular precast reinforced concrete stem wall units

NBS Specification

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