Flashpoint provides a preferred alternative to the use of mortar as a pointing material for lead-brick and lead-masonry joints. Mortar is unable to expand and contract with lead and masonry during temperature variations, leading in some cases to the mortar cracking and allowing ingress of water.

Flashpoint is a one-part, neutral cure, silicone based sealant that once applied will cure to give a flexible, durable and elastic seal, capable of accommodating the high degree of thermal expansion and contraction often encountered with lead flashings exposed to direct sunlight.

Due to its water content, mortar cannot be applied in cold, frosty conditions. However, Premium Flashpoint with its large service temperature range can be used at temperatures down to -65°C.


  • Designed for lead-masonry and lead-brick pointed work.
  • Avoids problems of cracking and lack of adhesion associated with mortar joints.
  • Gives a permanent, flexible and waterproof joint.
  • Cleaner, quicker and easier to use than mortar, with high adhesion to both lead and masonry.
  • Neutral cure product; an acid cure will give rise to white stains on the lead.
  • Life expectancy of 20 years.
  • Recommended by the Lead Sheet Association.

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45-55-75/345 Silicone construction joint sealants

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