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A range of blast resistant architectural window films, suitable for commercial and residential use that can help to increase personal safety by the reduction of risk of injury from broken glass and flying debris which may result from an explosion. Existing glazing can be upgraded to meet different security classifications enabling the glazing to meet project requirements for offices, schools, public, commercial and government buildings. Comprising resilient layers of high-tensile polyester, adhesives, ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors and scratch-resistant coatings.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduces the risks associated with broken glass and airborne debris.
  • Increased glass durability.
  • Helps maintain a consistent internal temperature.
  • Can reduce the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of a building.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Excessive glare is restricted.
  • Increased security.
  • UV protection: Up to 99% of UV light protection.
  • Solar protection: up to 80% rejection of summer heat gain.
  • Range of tints and colours available from optically clear to fully reflective.
  • Increased privacy (reflective films).

Safety testing:

  • EN 12600 Impact Test
  • EN 356 Resistance to Manual Attack.
  • ISO 16933 and GSA Bomb Blast Resistance.

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  • Applications: Security/ blast film.
  • Film thickness: 208.28 µ.
  • Appearance: Clear.
  • Increased glass durability.
  • Helps to hold broken pieces of glass together.
  • Visible light transmission: 89%.
  • Visible light reflection (exterior): 10%.
  • Glare reduction: 2%.
  • Coefficient of Total Energy Transmission (G-value): 0.84.
  • Total solar energy rejected: 16%.
  • UV transmission: 1%.
  • Installation position: Internal
  • Safety rating: EN 12600 1(B)1, 2(B)2.
  • Blast rating: Tested to ISO16933 EXV33 Classification: Low Hazard High Protection.

- Technical characteristics:

Consult manufacturer's literature for details of performance results and physical properties.

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45-65-50/332 Plastics window films

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Blast Resistant Architectural Window Film



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