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Support system with strut for supporting outdoor equipment. Manufactured from milled, sieved and graded recycled rubber, bound with high-quality adhesive, and compression-moulded.

Features and benefits:

  • Non-penetrative support.
  • Flexible, and can accommodate late design changes.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Available in four sizes to suit project requirements.
  • Supplied with an integrated 21 x 41 x 1.5 mm steel strut which has been fully bonded to the foot with industrial strength adhesive, and is stronger than aluminium alternatives.
  • The dense nature of these products makes them suitable for various lightweight building services supports.
  • Drainage slots are moulded to the underside of the foot for rainwater run-off.
  • Suitable for internal and external environments between –40°C and 80°C.
  • Robust, heavy-duty and high-quality materials used.
  • Channel is compatible with industry-standard fixings and fixtures.


Suitable for the everyday support and installation of a variety of outdoor equipment, including:

  • Pipework, including small flow-and-return installations.
  • Lightweight cable baskets and cable trays at low level.
  • Electrical containment.
  • Single fan air-conditioning units.
  • Air source heat pumps.
  • Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof installations.

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Standard product features

Overall size (l x w x h):

  • FF-250-S: 250 x 185 x 100 mm.
  • FF-400-S: 400 x 185 x 100 mm.
  • FF-600-S: 600 x 185 x 100 mm.
  • FF-1000-S: 1000 x 185 x 100 mm.


  • Foot: Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) to BS 7188 and BS EN 1176-7. UV-stabilized.
  • Strut: Steelwork manufactured in accordance with BS EN 102191, and hot-dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461.


  • FF-250-S: 2.8 kg.
  • FF-400-S: 4.6 kg.
  • FF-600-S: 7.6 kg.
  • FF-1000-S: 12 kg.

Technical characteristics:

  • Density: 1 kg/cm³.
  • Maximum load: FF-250-S: 175 kg; FF-400-S: 280 kg; FF-600-S: 420 kg; FF-1000-S: 700 kg. Tested with a 4:1 safety ratio.

NBS Specification

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90-90-60/380 Roof equipment supports

Product specification

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With 250 mm strut.
With 400 mm strut.
With 600 mm strut.
With 1000 mm strut.

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