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Adjustable pedestal supports for paving and decking with integrated acoustic shim.

Features and benefits:

  • Universal headpiece which can hold slabs and timber joists.
  • One headpiece can be used for both suspended paving and decking systems.
  • Integrated shim on headpiece to improve grip and provide sound and vibration properties.
  • Suspended system - no mechanical fixings are required.
  • Headpiece lugs positions corners of paving slabs between them and can also house a joist framework which in turn supports deckboards.
  • Virgin fibre polypropylene injection moulded pedestals without fillers.
  • Integrated acoustic shim pre-fitted to headpiece.
  • For use with concrete flags, natural stone slabs, porcelain tiles, timber tiles, aluminium decking, timber decking and composite decking systems.
  • Superior strength: normal weight tolerance: 683 kg; break point: 1171 kg.
  • Temperature tolerance: +75°C to -40°C.
  • Improves the drainage and ventilates the structural decks.
  • Cleaner, faster installation of paving or decking on structural decks.
  • Paving / decking is raised out of standing water meaning less slip hazards.
  • Telescopic threads mean very small, irregular or multiple changes in height can be accommodated by twisting the stem.
  • Suspended, open joint system. Tiles or decking can be lifted at any time without major disruption.

Standard product features

Head diameter:


Base plate diameter:

200 mm standard (150mm diameter base available).

Lug height:

10 mm.


683 kg per unit.


Flat headed supports:

For paving and natural stone where support is required beneath the centre of the slab. Two lugged headpieces also available for paving up to the edge, contact manufacturer for more information.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-70-45/330 Decking and paving pedestals

Product specification

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Wallbarn Ltd


+44 (0)20 8916 2222

Product reference

Universal Adjustable Support Pedestals


[35–50 mm]
[50–70 mm]
[65–100 mm]
[95–130 mm]
[125–160 mm]
[155–190 mm]
[185–220 mm]
[210–245 mm]
[240–275 mm]
[270–305 mm]
[330–365 mm]
[85–135 mm]
[125–215 mm]
[210–380 mm]


[Not required]
[Metal plate for edging and paving up to walls]
[150 mm diameter baseplates]
For paving up to the upstand or edge.
[Flat headed supports]
Headpieces without positioning lugs for placing beneath the centre of thinner tiles.
[Slope corrector angle, 1 %]
[Slope corrector angle, 2 %]
[Slope corrector angle, 3 %]

Manufacturer details

Unit 16,
Capital Business Centre,
22 Carlton Road,
South Croydon,
Surrey, CR2 0BS
Tel +44 (0)20 8916 2222
Fax +44 (0)20 8916 2223
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