Steel, twin skin roof profile, 32 mm deep and 1000 mm wide.

Features and benefits:

  • Available with a choice of external finishes.
  • Can be combined with other products from the Ark Profiles range, including ArkLiner or ArkDeck (specified separately).
  • Includes non-combustible insulation, U-Values as required and low air permeability.
  • CE marked, and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14782, BS EN 508-1: 2000, BS 5427: 1996, BS EN 10346: 2009 and BS EN 1991-1 and -3.


Can be used for the roof and walls of industrial style buildings; both for new-builds and over-roofing of existing buildings.

Sealing: 5 x 6 mm Class A butyl to be applied in two nominal lines at 120 mm apart to the end laps, and above and below the fixing in one line outside of the stitcher screws for the side laps.

See manufacturer's literature for key installation requirements.

Standard product features




32 mm.


1000 mm.


200 mm.


0.7 mm.


6.8 kg/m².

Technical characteristics:

  • Non-fragility rating (to ACR[M]001: 2014): Class B.
  • Fire performance (to EN 14782:06:5.1.2): Reaction to fire: Class 0 (low risk); external fire performance: Class B-roof (t1), Class B-roof (t2) and Class B-roof (t3).
  • Fastener strength used (in negative wind uplift): 2.75 kN.
  • Broad flange in compression: 1.116 kNm/m (9.379 cm4/m).
  • Narrow flange in compression: 1.035 kNm/m (9.267 cm4/m).
  • Positive/ gravity loads: At 1 m span: 3.36 kN/m²; at 1.8 m span: 1.37 kN/m².
  • Negative/ uplift loads: At 200 mm centres (fasteners in every trough): At 1 m span: 5.50 kN/m²; at 1.8 m span: 1.70 kN/m²; at 400 mm centres (fasteners in alternate troughs): At 1 m span: 2.75 kN/m²; at 1.8 m span: 1.53 kN/m².

Consult manufacturer for further details.


Colour/ Finish:

- 200 μm leathergrain plastisol:

Available in the following colours (Other colours are available; consult manufacturer for details):

  • White - 00E55; Goosewing Grey - 10A05; Meadowland - 12B17; Hamlet - 9002; Albatross - 18B17; Merlin Grey - 18B25; Moorland Green - 12B21; Honesty - 10C31; Wedgewood Blue - 18C37; Raven - 18B29; Heritage Green - RAL 6002; Mushroom - 10B19; Ocean Blue - 18C39; Anthracite - RAL 7016; Olive Green - 12B27; Terracotta - 04C39; Sargasso - RAL 5003; Black - 00E53; Juniper Green - 12B29; Vandyke Brown - 08B29.

- Tata Colorcoat® LG:

Life expectancy: 10–25 years.

- Tata Colorcoat Prisma®:

Life expectancy: 20–30 years.

- Tata Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®:

Life expectancy: 25–40 years.

Primary fasteners:

A2 stainless steel. End laps of 150 mm. Edge distance of 30 mm (minimum). Side laps of 450 mm centres (maximum).

NBS Specification

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45-65-52/350 Carbon steel profiled sheet

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Ark Profiles Ltd


+44 (0)1332 504002

Product reference

ArkRoof 32.1000.200-0.7


[ ______ ]

Colour/ Finish

[200 μm leathergrain plastisol]
See 'Options' below and insert requirements.
[Tata Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®]
Consult Tata standard range and insert requirement.
[Tata Colorcoat Prisma®]
Consult Tata standard range and insert requirement.
[Tata Colorcoat® LG]
Consult Tata standard range and insert requirement.


[Not required]
[Crimp curve to 1 m minimum radius]
[Natural curve to 40 m minimum radius]

Primary fasteners

5.5 mm diameter, with 19 mm diameter sealer washer (fastener) - With colour-matched head.

Secondary fixings

[5.5 mm diameter, with 16 mm diameter sealer washer (stitcher)]
With colour-matched head.
[6.3 mm diameter, with 16 mm diameter sealer washer (stitcher)]
With colour-matched head.

Manufacturer details

Unit 5 & 6 ,
Heritage Business Centre,
Derby Rd,
Derbyshire, DE56 1SW
Tel +44 (0)1332 504002
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