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Energy-efficient roof fan with a direct current (DC) motor for the top of an air conduit or silencer, controlled with a 0–10 V voltage. An installation set for a flat surface is included. VILPE® ECo Controller is available separately.

The roof fan can also provide an output signal which can be used to monitor the motor’s rpm. This allows connecting ECo roof fans to an automatically controlled building technology system where they can be monitored and controlled with the system’s central processing unit (CPU).

The fan is based on the EC technology: An electronically commuted fan with a brushless DC motor. ECo roof fans address the challenge of reducing total energy consumption by saving energy, as the DC motor is much more effective than an alternating current (AC) motor. Calculations on the efficiency needed to move air show that a VILPE® ECo roof fan will save up to 40–60% of energy when compared to an AC roof fan, depending on the application.

VILPE® ECo roof fans meet the requirements of the ERP2015 directive.


  • Suitable for use in kitchen or bathroom exhaust ventilation as part of the air conditioning systems of new apartment buildings and private and terraced houses. When refurbishing older apartment buildings and private and terraced houses, natural ventilation can be converted to mechanical by means of the VILPE® ECo roof fan.
  • Suitable for the ventilation of homes, offices, commercial premises, production facilities, public buildings and any other areas where fresh air is needed. In apartment buildings, ECo roof fans can be used for exhaust ventilation in lift shafts and other public areas.
  • VILPE® ECo is also used for base floor ventilation, radon exhaust ventilation, and exhaust ventilation in garages and storerooms.

Standard product features


  • Duct diameter: 125 mm.
  • Installation set: 300 x 300 mm.


Polypropylene (PP) plastic.

Technical characteristics:

  • Current: 0.75 A.
  • Fan type: DC.
  • Power: 83 W.
  • Rotation speed: 3200 rpm.
  • Voltage: 230 V/ 50 Hz.
  • Energy efficiency rating: E.

NBS Specification

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90-45-30/360 Roof mounted fans

Product specification

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VILPE® Eco190S/Ø125 Roof Fan


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