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A range of commercial curtains for medium to heavy duty usage, either manual or electrically operated.

The product comes with a 3 year 'fit-for-use' guarantee.

Standard product features

Silent Gliss Deluxe System 3900:

Heavy duty and elegant track, supplied in white as standard. Can carry design loads of up to20kg. Roller gliders with minimum friction on dust-free rim of front channel. Can be front or reverse bent for bay window fitment. Maximum width is 12 m. Maximum weight is 20 kg.

- Cord:

Cord drop 1500 mm, right hand pull. Can be corded from both ends for extra heavy-duty curtains or where one curtain is wider than another. Enclosed cord channels.

- Fixing:

Suitable for ceiling face fix or face fix.

Silent Gliss System 6370:

Discreet, heavy-duty track system, with twin channels for overlapping designed for small stages and extra heavy-duty commercial use, with maximum 70kg loading. The standard finish is satin silver. Can be bent. Maximum width is 15 m. Maximum weigh is 70 kg.

- Cord:

Standard cord drop, 300cm, right hand pull.

- Fixing:

Ceiling fixture as standard, face fix available.

Kaydee 560 hand-drawn contract curtain tracking system:

Hand-operated contract aluminium curtain track. Can be bent. Ceiling fix and face fix. Maximum width is 6 m. Maximum weight - medium.

Silent Gliss System 1280 medium to heavy weight tracking:

Hand-operated aluminium contract curtain track. Rollers gliding on rim of front channel for smooth operation. Can be bent. Suitable for ceiling or side fix. Maximum width is 6 m. Maximum weight - heavy.

Silent Gliss System 5400 contract track system:

Electrically-operated curtain track. Built-in low voltage interface allowing flexibility for all other automated control systems. Can be bent. Maximum width is 10 m. Maximum weight is 46 kg.

- Sizes:

Up to 10 metres in one track and 36kg in weight.

- Fixing:

Ceiling fix, face fix or recess fit with profile.



Choose from Kaydee Nordic collection. 220g Standard curtain/ Dimout/ Blackout and voiles available.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-35-35/310 Curtains

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Kaydee Blinds


+44 (0)1332 851400

Product reference

[560 hand-drawn commercial curtains]
Contract curtain tracking system.
[System 1280 commercial curtains]
Medium to heavy weight tracking, hand drawn.
[System 3900 commercial curtains]
Heavy duty track supplied in white as standard, cord operated.
[System 5400 commercial curtains]
Electrically-operated curtain track.
[System 6370 commercial curtains]
Heavy-duty and stage curtain track, cord operated.


 - Fabric:
[ ______ ]
 - Heading:
[3 inch pencil pleat heading]
[Triple pinch pleat heading]
[Velcro pencil pleat heading]
 - Lining:
[2 pass blackout lining]
[Bonded interlining]
[Standard FR lining]
 - Hem:
[Machine blindstitch]

Track colour

[Anodized aluminium, white powder coated]
standard for 560 and system 5400.
[RAL ___]
special RAL colours to order on all tracks.
[Satin silver]
standard for system 6370.
standard for system 3900 and system 1280.

Cord location

[Both sides]
[Left hand pull]
[Right hand pull]
standard for 3900 and 6370.


[Ceiling face fix]
[Face fix]
[Recess fit]
special order for System 5400.

Manufacturer details

Jubilee House,
No. 3 Gelders Hall Road,
Leicestershire, LE12 9NH
Tel +44 (0)1332 851400
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