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Hydron BC2 Thick brick cleaner is a strong acidic liquid specifically formulated to remove heavy grime deposits from brick and sandstone when used in conjunction with a pressure wash. BC2 is designed to cling to vertical surfaces allowing a longer dwell time.


Pressure wash the area to be treated to prevent unnecessary absorption. It may be necessary to degrease the area prior to cleaning with BD1 Brick Degreaser.


Apply undiluted BC2 Brick Cleaner with a bristle brush to the affected area, starting at the top and working to natural breaks, cover the area evenly. Allow to dwell for 15–20 minutes before rinsing. Pressure wash with pumps capable of 1500 psi @14 L/min, with a slow even movement keeping the lance 15–20 cm from the surface.

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2.4 m²/L.

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