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ProRend Float (grey):

ProRend Float is a flexible render, suitable for application on dense concrete block and sound masonry backgrounds, indoors and outdoors. The render can be either smooth-finished, sponge-textured or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. It provides a high-quality background for all calcareous finishes, tiling and ProRend decorative renders.

High-quality, factory-composed dry mortar according to DIN 18557 and 18550. Grain composition of the sand according to DIN 4226–1: grain composition 0–1.3 mm. Binding agent according to DIN 1164 and 1060: approved additives, lightweight mineral additives, for better workability.

Easy to apply by hand or machine. Because of the lightweight additives, the surface tension between the render and the background is minimized. After hardening, the product is weather-resistant, and a thermal insulant.

ProRend Lite (white):

ProRend Lite is an industrially produced lightweight stone mortar based on bonding agents of lime and cement in accordance with DIN 1060 and DIN 1164, with mild additives. Suitable for application on ProBoard cement particle board and insulation systems. It is spatula-finished, ready for a subsequent application of ProRend Colourtex primer and finish coat.

The product has high hydraulic and water-repelling properties. It can be worked easily, manually or mechanically as a bonding and foundation mortar. After setting, this mortar ensures healthy living conditions due to its excellent water permeability characteristics.

ProRend Prep (grey):

ProRend Prep Basecoat is a smooth render, suitable for levelling and renovating indoors and outdoors on mineral and synthetic resin bound backgrounds. It can be finished with ProRend decorative renders, Silicate Paint, or ProRend thin or decorative renders. Also suitable as a background for tiling.

High-quality, factory-composed dry mortar according to DIN 18557 and 18550. Fineness and grain composition of the sand according to DIN 4226–1: grain composition 0–1.5 mm. Binding agent according to DIN 1060 and 1164 and approved additives, e.g. alkali-resistant reinforcement fibre, for better workability and obtaining the desired qualities.

Easy to apply by hand or machine; offers very good bonding after drying. It is vapour-permeable and water-repellent.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics (product dependent):

  • Thickness: 5–15 mm (minimum).
  • Grain size: ~1–1.2 mm.
  • Bulk density: ~0.9–1.3 kg/ m³.
  • Set mortar density: ~1–1.4 kg/m³.
  • Compressive strength: ~3–4 N/mm².
  • Bending resistance: ~1.4–1.9 N/mm².
  • E-module: ~2800–3000 N/mm².
  • Reaction to fire rating: Class A2 (Class A1 for ProRend Float).
  • Water absorption: W2.
  • Water vapour permeability μ: 5/20.
  • Water vapour diffusion coefficient: 15/35.
  • Thermal conductivity λ: 0.39 W/m·K (P=50%). 0.43 W/mK (P=90%). For ProRend Prep: 0.45 W/m·K (P=50%). 0.49 W/m·K (P=90%).
  • Application temperature: 5–30°C.

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