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A standard plain finish block, complete with a fully co-ordinated block kerb system, for use in all pedestrian areas, Shopping precincts, HGV loading areas, access roads and airports, docks and container loading areas, farm and stable areas.

Europa blocks are manufactured from quartzite aggregates and binders using a semi-dry pressing method and comply with the requirements of BS EN 1338 for strength and slip resistance.

Standard product features





NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-20-64/400 Precast concrete paving blocks

Product specification

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Charcon Hard Landscaping


+44 (0)1335 372222

Product reference

Europa Block Paving


[200 x 100 x 60 mm]
[200 x 100 x 80 mm]


Made to order.
Made to order.
Made to order.

Special blocks

[Crossing Unit SK]
[Dropper BN to Crossing LH and RH Ref: LK/N]
[Dropper BN to Mobility Ramp Crossing LH and RH Ref: LK/S]
[Dropper HB to Crossing LH and RH Ref: LK/K]
[Dropper HB to Mobility Ramp Crossing LH and RH Ref: LK/Q]
[External Angle Bullnose Ref: MK/A]
[External Angle Ref: SK/A]
[External Angle Splay Ref: MK/C]
[External Radial Block Ref: LK/C – HB]
[External Radius Ref: SK/D]
[External Radius Splay Ref: MK/E]
[Flat External Angle Ref: LK/J – HB]
[Flat Internal Angle Ref: LK/H – HB]
[Internal Angle Bullnose Ref: MK/B]
[Internal Angle Ref: SK/B]
[Internal Angle Splay Ref: MK/D]
[Internal Radial Block Ref: LK/A – HB]
[Internal Radius Ref: SK/C]
[Internal/ External Radius Block Bullnose Ref: MK/F]
[Large Kerbs Ref: LK - HB/BN]
[Medium Kerbs Ref: MK]
[Mobility Crossing Ref: LK/M]
[Small Kerbs Ref: SK]
[Upright External Angle Ref: LK/E – HB]
[Upright External Angle Ref: LK/G – BN]
[Upright Internal Angle Ref: LK/D – HB]
[Upright Internal Angle Ref: LK/F – BN]
[Upright Internal/ External Block Ref: LK/B – BN]

Manufacturer details

Smith Hall Lane,
Hulland Ward, Ashbourne,
Derbyshire, DE6 3ET
Tel +44 (0)1335 372222
Fax +44 (0)1335 370074
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