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A natural appearance, reminiscent of traditional sandstone setts and available in a range of sizes. Suitable for sett-style paving block with a chamferless weathered appearance, making it ideal for heritage sites and conservation areas.

Woburn Original is manufactured using a semi-dry process. Pigment is incorporated in batches to produce a spectrum of colours across the blocks.

The product meets the strength and skid-resistance requirements of BS EN 1338. The 60 mm thick blocks are suitable for car parking; 80 mm thick blocks are suitable for heavy goods vehicles.

Standard product features

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NBS Specification

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45-20-64/400 Precast concrete paving blocks

Product specification

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Woburn Original Block Paving


[100 x 134 x 60 mm]
[134 x 134 x 60 mm]
[201 x 134 x 60 mm]
[100 x 134 x 80 mm]
[134 x 134 x 80 mm]
[201 x 134 x 80 mm]



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Smith Hall Lane,
Hulland Ward, Ashbourne,
Derbyshire, DE6 3ET
Tel +44 (0)1335 372222
Fax +44 (0)1335 370074
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