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Suitable for use as acoustic matting under most floor finishes such as ceramic tile, stone, vinyl, wood, carpet etc.

The material is manufactured from waste rubber and cork (RC) which is mixed with a polymer binder to form a purpose made resilient acoustic matting which has exceptionally good insulating qualities.

The RC matting has been developed for use in both commercial and residential buildings such as apartments, hotels, hospitals etc.


  • Easy installation.
  • High impact reduction.
  • Remains continually elastic.
  • Suitable under most substrates.
  • Ultra-thin.
  • Good thermal properties.
  • Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E compliant.
  • Fully recycled.


  • New build and refurbishment, for example; apartments.
  • Commercial buildings such as hotels.
  • Public sector buildings, for example; hospitals.


  • Ceramic tiles.
  • Sheet vinyl.
  • Stone floors.
  • Wood.
  • Parquet.
  • Flotex.
  • Marble.
  • Underfloor heating.

Standard product features

Roll size:

1 x 10 m.


Approximately 390 kg/m³.


1.95 kg/m².

Tensile strength:

0.6 N/mm².

Fire performance:



Black/ beige (speckled).

Acoustic performance:

  • RC3: Lw 18 dB – Refer to manufacturers data sheet for further details.
  • RC5: Lw 20 dB – Refer to manufacturers data sheet for further details.

Working temperature:

-30°C to 80°C.

Heat conductivity:

Approximately 0.12–0.19 W/mK.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-70/437 Resilient layer insulation

Product specification

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Product reference

[Ecomat RC3]
3 mm thickness.
[Ecomat RC5]
5 mm thickness.

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