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This product is particularly effective when applied to single skin walls such as block work, brick or studwork partitioning.

Traditional methods of applying insulation to reduce airborne noise transmitted through existing walls took up approximately 150 mm of room space using timber studwork and mineral wool infill.

Significant improvements in sound insulation can now be achieved with the loss of less than 50 mm of room space using 20 mm thick CAD20-WP insulation and two layers of plasterboard. Even greater noise reduction can be obtained if the treatment is applied to both sides of the wall.


  • Specifically designed to absorb and reduce airborne noise through party walls.
  • Suitable for domestic party walls and stud partitions.

Standard product features


1000 x 1000 mm.


20 mm.


15 kg/m².



Acoustic performance:

Refer to manufacturers data sheets.


700 kg/m³.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-80-40/400 Sound attenuators

Product specification

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Product reference

Acoustic Wall Panels CAD20-WP


Flexible acoustic sealant.
Web spray adhesive.
12.5 mm thick acoustic plasterboard.
15 mm thick acoustic plasterboard.
19 mm thick acoustic plasterboard plank.
Neoprene tape, for 50 mm; specify thickness of insulation plus total thickness of plasterboard.

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