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An acoustic treatment panel with a diffusion face and an absorption face. This panel is particularly appropriate for one-room recording studios that have to record several different setups.

The shapes are predominantly convex but there are also irregularly spaced concave shapes.

The result is an absorption panel with high absorptive and diffusion qualities The absorption side is covered with fabric and the diffusion face has a crystal-clear shine.


  • Ecological paint used.
  • Made from three different (100% recycled) materials.
  • 100% recyclable.


  • Music studios.
  • Practice rooms.
  • Home cinemas.

Standard product features


600 x 600 mm.


140 mm.


4.5 kg.

Fire rating:

M2 fire resistance.

Acoustic performance:

Average noise reduction coefficient: 0.83. Refer to manufacturers data sheets.

NBS Specification

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45-80-40/400 Sound attenuators

NBS Specification

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Jocavi Two FX Absorber

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