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Acoustic Melamine Foam – Melatech, made of Basotect®, a melamine-based acoustic foam; is a unique, flexible, open-cell foam, possessing a combination of low weight, a Class 0 fire specification and good sound absorption properties.

® = registered trade mark of BASF SE.

Manufactured from melamine resins, melamine foam exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance. Furthermore, being halide-free, melamine foam does not emit any of the toxic by-products associated with conventional polyurethane-based acoustic foams when exposed to either naked flame or extreme heat.

Versatility, coupled with a choice of complementary acoustic materials such as damping sheets, barriers and facings, allows Melatech foam to be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where superior reverberation control is required.


  • Low density.
  • Good flexibility.
  • Convenient to handle.
  • Easy to cut and install.
  • Practical.


  • Fan coil units, plenum and duct linings for HVAC systems.
  • Wall and ceiling panels for offices and conference suites, plant rooms etc.
  • Industrial enclosure linings and suspended absorbers.
  • Engine rooms and accommodation areas in the marine industry.
  • Theatre and cinema auditoriums, swimming and ice arena complexes, lecture halls.
  • Case linings, splitter and louvre infill in power generation.

Standard product features

Sheet size:

2500 x 1250 mm.


5 kg/m².

Fire rating:

Class 0 (to BS 476-6 and BS 476-7).

Acoustic performance:

Refer to manufacturers data sheets.


Approximately 10 kg/m³.

Thermal conductivity:

0.035 W/mK (at 10°C).

Operating temperatures:

Up to 150°C.


Sheet size:

Custom sizes can be produced, consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-80-40/400 Sound attenuators

Product specification

An important note about specifying



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Product reference

12 mm thickness, plain.
12 mm thickness, adhesive-backed
25 mm thickness, plain standard.
25 mm thickness, adhesive-backed standard.
50 mm thickness, plain standard.
50 mm adhesive-backed
75 mm thickness, plain standard.
75 mm adhesive-backed standard.
100 mm thickness, plain standard.
100 mm adhesive-backed standard.


[Light grey]
As standard.
[RAL painted]
Insert requirement.


 - Type:
[Not required]
Black/ white weave locked glass cloth.
White polyurethane-coated glass cloth.
Black/ white polyurethane film.
Perforated black/ white/ grey PVC facing.
Aluminium foil laminated to glass fibre fabric.
Reinforced aluminium foil.
Metalized polyester film.
Metalized polyester film with scrim.
Black viscose tissue.
Spray applied black/ white/ grey PVC.
 - Self-adhesive (SA) backing:
[Not required]

Manufacturer details

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Bedford Road,
Hampshire, GU32 3QF
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