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An acoustic floor system developed from an industrial product originally designed to greatly diminish the transfer of plant machinery noise through floors.

The laminated 'sandwich' composition provides maximum performance for minimum thickness and combines excellent sound insulation with all the qualities of a good carpet underlay.

Consists of a 10 mm layer of chipfoam bonded between two layers of 7.5 kg/m² mineral loaded acoustic barrier matting. The base layer of barrier mat seals and dampens the sound coming through the floor; the isolated top layer of soundproofing mat blocks the sound in both directions, and the chipfoam core dramatically reduces impact noise transfer. Made from 100% recycled materials.


  • Impact and airborne noise reduction for floors.
  • High footfall and airborne noise reduction under carpet.
  • Handy sized panels; easy to cut, shape and install.
  • Suitable for concrete and timber floors.
  • Overall thickness just 15 mm to minimise elevation of floor level.
  • Can be used with other products to meet new building regulations.

Standard product features


600 x 1200 mm.


15 mm.


Approximately 16 kg/m².

Acoustic performance:

Refer to manufacturers data sheets.

Fire performance:

  • Flammability (foam): Self-extinguishing (FMVSS 302).
  • Flammability (barrier): Self-extinguishing (FMVSS 302).



A range of associated products are available, consult manufacturer for details.

  • T50 soundproofing membrane.
  • A250 sealant.
  • A290 foil jointing tape.

NBS Specification

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45-20-15/440 Wilton carpets
45-20-15/420 Knitted carpets
45-20-15/435 Tufted carpets
45-20-15/430 Pile carpets
45-20-15/415 Flocked carpets
45-20-15/425 Pile needled carpets

NBS Specification

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Acoustic Flooring System Quietfloor Premium+

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