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A stainless steel industrial gully. The KVCR265/4”RD gully is a round body, round top, bottom outlet gully for heavy duty areas with high flow rates. A version with round body, square top and bottom outlet (KVCR265/4” SQ) is also available.

This is a sealed cleanroom gully with a strong positive seal created by machining away a 10 mm groove from a 20 mm top plate. A 10 mm top plate with a recessed ‘O-ring’ creates the seal. The top plate is then removable with a heavy duty suction cup available as an accessory.

Foul air traps:

The bottom outlet gullies use a Bell Trap (also referred to a Dome or Mushroom). A 65 mm water seal is created (complies with EN 1253). This grips firmly to an upstand which is an integral part of the gully body. It is easily removable giving clear access for rodding and cleaning. Chains can be attached to traps to ensure they are not lost.

The side outlet gullies use a weir trap system. A 50 mm water seal is created (complies with EN 1253). This is a fully integral part of the gully body and contains a removable bung for easy rodding. In special circumstances a hinged self-sealing stainless bung can be provided.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from grade 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316) stainless steel to BS EN 10088.
  • Strong.
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1253 Loading Class L15/ R50/ M125/ N250/ P400. This gully can be subjected to very heavy loads but must have the correct heavy duty grating to achieve these loads.
  • Usable in both heavy and light duty areas.
  • Suitable for internal factory drainage and external civil drainage projects.
  • The KVCR265/4”RD standard gully accepts 10 mm thick sealed gratings, but 10 mm slotted and perforated gratings can also be used to convert to an open drain.
  • In most cases a 4” or 6” SCH10 outlet is required but this can easily be substituted for a 110 or 160 mm outlet pipe. It is trapped as standard with the Kent Bell Trap.


  • Suitable for use primarily in food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories.
  • They can be used in both light duty and very heavy duty trafficked areas (sealed gullies are most often used in laboratories or cleanrooms which are limited to pedestrian traffic - however the 10 mm top plate makes it possible to drive heavy factory traffic over these gullies).

Standard product features

Size (h x top diameter x body diameter):

  • KVCR265/4”: RD 250 x 265 x 220 mm.
  • KVCR365/6”: RD 250 x 365 x 320 mm.
  • KVCR265/4” SQ: 250 x 265 x 220 mm.
  • KVCR365/6” SQ: 250 x 365 x 320 mm.

Increased height body is used where a higher flow rate is needed. The gullies can be increased to customized heights. Consult manufacturer for details.


- 4” Sch 10:

  • KVCR265/4” RD.
  • KVCR265/4” SQ.

- 6” Sch 10:

  • KVCR365/6” RD.
  • KVCR365/6” SQ.

Flow rate:

  • KVCR265/4” RD: 6.17 L/s.
  • KVCR365/6” RD: 14.39 L/s.
  • KVCR265/4” SQ: 10 6.17 L/s.
  • KVCR365/6” SQ: 14.39 L/s.



Base flanges are available with flange connections i.e. 4” / 6” / 8” ANSI B 16.5 or BS 4504 or to suit polypropylene flanges. Consult manufacturer for details.

Side inlets:

- Angle:

  • Side inlets can be 90° to gully body, however, they can be welded at 45° or a specific angle to suit a specific project.
  • Round Body gullies are most suitable for a higher number of side inlets at different angles.


An extensive range of gratings are available, consult technical literature for details.

Filter basket:

Filter baskets can be incorporated into bell traps or separated for deeper gullies. For a higher flow rate a deeper gully with separate traps and filter baskets are used. The filter basket can also be chained to avoid loss.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
90-05-20/306 Floor gullies

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Kent Stainless


+44 (0) 800 376 8377

Product reference



[KVCR265/4” RD]
[KVCR365/6” RD]
[KVCR265/4” SQ]
[KVCR365/6” SQ]


[Manufacturer's standard]
Insert requirements.


[1.4301 (304) stainless steel]
[1.4401 (316) stainless steel]

Flange type

[4” 150lb R/F S/O ANSI Flange]
[4” PN10 R/F S/O Flange]
[Damp proof membrane flange]
[Holding flange]
[Puddle flange]

Side inlets

 - Type:
[1½” BSP nipple]
[1½” BSP socket]
[50 mm push fit]
[Above ground funnel]
 - Angle:
See 'Options'. Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Cover/ Grating

[Perforated grating]
See 'Option's and insert requirements.

Filter basket

[Not required]
[Required, with chain]
[Required, with separate filter basket]


[Heavy duty suction cup]
[Hinged self-sealing stainless bung]
For foul air trap on a side out gulley.

Manufacturer details

Ardcavan Works,
Ardcavan Co Wexford,
Tel +44 (0) 800 376 8377
Fax +353 53 914 1802
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